Saturday, April 14, 2007

Crimean Canon

Another gem from Tony Ovenden, who writes: "A postcard of the original Crimea war trophy cannon on Fort parade. It disappeared just before the outbreak of WW2.

The current one on the site, is a cannon from Chatham Dockyard from the 1860's and stood around hodges falstaff, the hodges cannons were buried during the second world war so german bombers would not mistake them as a battery and bomb the area including the hotels. Obviously the official explanation for burying them is different."

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me that after years of total neglect by TDC (what a surprise) an enterprising member of the public cleaned up the cannons several years ago and when TDC found out they tried to get him prosecuted for vandalism.


I have suggested for the past 10 years or so to the Tourism staff at TDC that we should have a firing of the noonday gun from Fort Hill, the soldiers could all be volunteers and would dress in napoleonic era uniforms.

However as this would be cheap to do and popular and attract visitors to Margate (and was not the idea of any of the political elite) it has obviously not been given any consideration.

I was told that the idea was a nonstarter due to pollution and insurance issues.

Several other towns/cities do it so why can't we?