Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blue Rinse Propaganda

Is it just my imagination of is the left-wing side of the island becoming increasingly pre-occupied with this website, to the point of making-up stories, involving my name, simply to attract traffic to obscure blogs that would have little or none if the stories didn't exist.

It all rather looks like a rather childish attempt at a smear campaign from where I sit. I had been warned that local party politics in Thanet was a nasty business but never realised, how nasty.

You can be the judge of what has and has not been said here, or on one website, which concludes with: "Simply to ensure that his site remains the cosy blue-rinse propaganda sheet that he has so obviously promised, and delivered, to his Tory masters who have rewarded him with his Council candidacy in Westgate."

Or even on a second: "An occasional antidote to the simpering, Daily Mail hypocrisy of our Greatest Living Thanetian."

Now if life is so good under Labour, the party of government will be given a ringing endorsement of their policies and performance by the voters of Thanet next month. I would point out that politicians of all colours and parties make their contribution here but would urge one party that this kind of rhetoric is hardly likely to win votes on May 3rd. It would be rather more constructive to see, instead of websites devoted to criticising the centre-right content of Thanet Life, more that perhaps presented an intelligent "pink rinse" policy view.


tony flaig bignews said...

I make reference to your site when relevant I'm fairly sure it doesn't drive any traffic to my site. I write what amuses me for fun or whatever. I get most of my referals from other local sites & google websites.

Since a lot of outclicks are for your site and others, I think you could improve readership by having something like My essential links to local bloggers.

My politics may appear left wing, which since my criticism of Local Tories is an easy conclusion, however most of my criticism is driven by some of the more comical charactors particularly at the top.

DrMoores said...

No criticism implied or intended of either your politics or your excellent website Tony.

Given that we have the "Thanet Bloglist" and I have loads of links out to Thanet websites, rather than blogs, you may recall that I did away with the links to the latter, once the sidebar started becoming overcrowded and instead left a single link into the Thanet Bloglist.

You may remember that at the same time, another non-story appeared, that I was censoring Thanet weblogs by not listing each and everyone on my own! I can't win I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

"You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all this. Are you all daft? Its obvious from the writing style that its ECR himself putting stuff on his best friend One voices blog. Why else would he copy it over to his blog unless he wanted maximum interest and to portray false moral indignation which he seems to do very well.

DrMoores said...

Sorry folks, I just lost patience and left a note on the ECR site.

All of you can see that at no point has any reference been made here to supporting any vigilante action against paedophiles. You can see clearly, that where two comments have appeared and I have said I was amused by a "couple" of remarks in the first, ECR and OVIT have cynically attempted to link any expression of amusement with the second and latter comment and then play the sense of righteous outrage for it for all its worth in what is becoming a tedious on-going smear campaign.

stuart said...

Why are people now assuming that ECR and OVIT are one and the same? Is it really beyond the realms of possibility that there is more than one person in Thanet that doesn't like Simon Moores, or what he stands for?

This debate now seems to be going on a monthly cycle and the blue team seem to be getting more savage everytime!

On a personal note, i really really can't wait for election results time! I think that will give Simon a better indication of his popularity than the 250,000 hits on his blooger (home) page which aren't unique visitors or unique visits. Everytime you click a story and then go back to the main page it adds another impression! Simon, elections do not work like that!

DrMoores said...

Perhaps you've been away and haven't noticed the distasteful level of personal invective on at least two local weblogs? Where have you seen "The Blue Team" descend to this level, I would like to know.

If you look around you'll see that I say impressions, rather than hits. Unique visitors are tracked on a daily basis as are repeat and new visitors. Figures are growing as you might expect but onsteadily average it's around 2000 a week. But I'm sure I've said all this before somewhere else in answer to a similar question.

Anonymous said...

First impressions count!

stuart said...

It wasn't a question.

I'd call what I've read recently quite distateful and they have come from your supporters so I'll risk making the giant assumption that they must just be Blue!

Anonymous said...

What exactly have you found so distasteful? Be specific or put up, Stuart; cheap smears don't suit you.