Sunday, April 01, 2007

Beach Tele

In Westgate, this morning, the discovery of a superior kind of fly-tipping on the beach.

Worried that it would smash to pieces in the incoming tide and too big for me to lift on my own, with no handles, I was lucky when another passer-by offered to help lift the television and together we left it further back on the promenade for collection. Mind you, I'm more likely to be fined for recovering it dumping it on the prom!


Tony Beachcomber said...

I certainly found some strange things in my time, but that does take some beating. It's a good job we have had no shipwrecks lately, I can just imagine the headlines " local westgate council candidate caught looting".

Tony Beachcomber said...

On the subject of looting, the last known case of "looting" took place in April 1919, or as I like to put it, locals excercises their ancient rights, was the Swedish schooner "Valkyr". After a dramatic rescue of the crew by the Margate lifeboat the vessel ended up stranded in Minnis Bay. The cargo was tinned sardines and cork and many cases were unloaded before the authorities arrived, I bet by the summer of that year the residents of Birchington were sick of the site of sardines.
As for the Valkyr, it was left to the elements. The only remains is the keel which is still visable today when the tide is out. The keel is easy to find. It is about 150metres straight out from where the promenade ends at minnis bay and where the steps to the sea wall starts. It is distiguishable by the the bronze rivets that remain protruding from the keel.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that a disgruntled ECR TV viewer threw the set overboard from his floating gin palace.

sue said...

With what's been on lately I might do the same.
(not really)

Anonymous said...

If you go to the turnaround margate site you might find out that this was part of the work of art entitled "set on the beach" which was commisssioned at the cost of £50,000 of public money to promote the arts in Thanet.
The other part of this magnificent artwork unfortunately turned out to be water soluble so has been lost for ever.
The Australian artist commisioned to create the work said "thanks for the loot sport, I reckon you pommies must be raw prawns to have coughed up for that load of junk".