Saturday, March 10, 2007

Young Ramsgate

Michael Child of Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate writes:

"Snapped this lot just down the road a couple of nights ago, they were very keen that I publish their pictures on which I've just done! "

Ed: Their reach now extends to ThanetLife. too About time we had some younger readers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael! When my daughter wakes up this morning, I will be discussing what she was doing in Ramsgate when her mother and I thought she was having a sleep -over with a friend in Westgate!

Michael Child said...

Universal to adolescence is the discovery that one has suddenly acquired secrets from those one loves, I am always curious about the adults who wish to exacerbate this. I certainly can understand the need for anonymity here, it could be uncomfortable were ones friends to confirm that there was only one truly virtuous teenager, no one I know in Thanet can remember one. My friends, many of whom like me have teenage children, I find occasionally need the odd nudge, when the selective memory comes into play. On a much more serious note though, these are dangerous times to force ones children into a situation where the have to lie about serious matters, like where they are, all night, what they do and with whom. I would suggest, with the greatest respect, that a serous two way dialogue about sex and drug and rock and roll wouldn’t go amiss.