Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A World of Teen Violence

A worrying story on the Marlowe Academy from icKent today:

"A world of internet bullying, youth gang crime and teen drug deals have been exposed by Marlowe Academy pupil Habib Abdalla.

The 15-year-old ex- Margate gang member has shared his inside view of a frightening world of teen violence in a bid to stop more kids being sucked into a world of crime.

Writing in Oi magazine, created by pupils at the Ramsgate school, Habib said: "Teens from any place, anywhere, rich or poor, are becoming involved in gangs and the violence and horror they bring with them."

'The reason is their reputation is built on respect, the result is building this respect through acts which create fear.'

Read on:

Ed: In a professional capacity, I'm not confortable with bebo, the social networking site for teens and younger and made my feelings clear to them recently.


Anonymous said...

Bebo needs closing down if it is unable to edit and control its site. The buzz amongst our local kids is that this coming weekend will see yobs from Ramsgate and Broadstairs coming over to Margate to mix it with the local yobs here. As the weather improves and the nights draw out I suspect this spring and summer will see an unprecedented growth of yob activity of all sorts; from vandalism, graffiti, slapping and more violent attacks to arson and gang fights. The motivation behind this: record it on mobile phones to be put on BEBO! Thanet, ooops, Canterbury Police would be wise to monitor BEBO closely.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Surely this kiddy violence threat is tantermount to RIOT! Somewhere in the Law Books it is written that "rioters can be shot on sight by the Police". Go ahead Mr Plod, get your very own Army against rioteering organised and armed.... you will be acting within your Law.
Take the chance while you have it... need any help?

Anonymous said...

Like Habib Abdulla at the Marlowe Academy would know any rich kids..............

Anonymous said...

As usual you have taken the story out of context by using the first line of ' A worrying story on the Marlowe Academy from icKent today:'
The story is not about the Marlowe more about the experiences of a youth who happens to attend the Marlowe. this is just one more cheap shot at less priveledged kids and their situation. A quick look at the behaviour of some of the young 'gentlemen' who attend Chatham House will soon dispel the idea that bad/anti social behaviour is confined to kids who attend the Marlowe.
While I would agree that the trend is worrying and that Bebo should be shut down it is grossly unfair and untrue to place all the blame in one quarter.

Cllr Mike Harrison.
Newington Ward.

DrMoores said...

So tell us, does the Marlowe have more of a problem in this area than other local schools?

Does under-privileged mean that the anti-social behaviour element is higher

I don't know but perhaps the Councillor does?

Anonymous said...

Cllr Harrison, who gave the news item to the press?; where is the magazine 'Oi)' being produced? Sorry to have to tell you that the answer to both questions is Marlowe Academy. So the story concerns Marlowe Academy, surely?

The Ed is too much of a gent to query your assertion that 'this is just another cheap shot at under-privileged kids', but how does his original post meet that assertion? I can see nothing but concern about the same issues raised by the young lad in 'Oi'.

Oh, silly me, elections to TDC coming up of course so yep, that explains your inaccurate attack.