Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wind Farm Approved

Approval has now been granted for the construction of Thanet Offshore Wind Farm to be sited 11km off North Foreland.

This will consist of 100 x 3MW turbines. The scheme is anticipated to be the first, and largest to date, of the Government's Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm developments and is due to come on line in 2008.

Residents of Ramsgate may find it a little windier than usual from 2008!


Eastcliff Richard said...

But still not as windy as it is in Westgate.

Anonymous said...

Where is the supply going to be connected to the National Grid?

Anonymous said...

According to the Warwick Energy website, the cables will come ashore in the northern part of Pegwell Bay and be routed under the Sandwich Road to a substation at Richborough power station, from where the power will go into the National Grid.

Anonymous said...

This is awful!i thought these things had been proven not to be as energy efficient as was first thought?also they are noisy and can't opperate if it's too windy!