Saturday, March 24, 2007

Those Magnificent Men

Here another photo of the same aircraft coming in to land at Cliftonville, with "Daily Mail" written under the wings. I'm actually wondering if this was taken in 1909 rather than 1913 because of the date of the newspaper's air race but if anyone has any information, please let me know.


DrMoores said...

If this is a Bleriot monoplane then it dates the photo to 1909 and teh Round Britain Air Race

Suzannah said...

2nd August 1913 Thanet Gazette
Waterplane over Margate - On Thursday morning a naval waterplane passed over Margate, coming from the direction of Folkestone and heading for the Isle of Grain. The airman was Mr Sidney Pickes, who recently visited Margate. Accompanied by Mr Richard Fairey as passenger. Mr Pickles was flying a Caudron waterplane intended for the Admiralty from Folkestone to the Isle of Grain. Off Sheppey the engine failed. A rough sea was running at the time and the machine dropped onto the water. The waterplane was severely buffeted by the waves before being driven ashore by a high wind, but it was practically undamaged. The machine is the one on which Mr Pickles flew from France to Folkestone with his mother as passenger ten days ago.