Saturday, March 17, 2007

Take Two Aspirin & Vote Labour

I was watching the Health Minister, Lord Hunt, squirming on Sky News this morning over the crisis surrounding junior doctors and today's big protest march in London.

According to the doctor's spokesman, the whole process of selection and career progression for doctors is a mess and they feel abandoned. Worse still, government is playing with the statistics, as usual, to meet its targets. He cited himself as an example. "Training to be an orthopaedic surgeon", he said, normally takes 14,000 of experience. Now the new plan seeks to cut this to 6,000 hours." "It's crazy", he commented, "dumbing-down the qualifications when I know that I won't be experienced enough to treat patients properly under the new regime."

There was a long debate with Lord Hunt and the Sky News anchor suggested that if he were in charge of a FTSE 100 company, he would be expected to resign. Will he? Of course not, as he "acted swiftly" and is now going through an urgent process of consultation with doctors' representatives.

Matthew Parris in today's Times newspaper asks: "What will happen to Labour when it loses the coming general election? Based on the performance of Lord Hunt in the Health Service, you might think this inevitable but a second comment in the newspaper reminds us that:

"The Boundary Commission for England can only advise government to keep the parliamentary constituency boundaries fairly reflecting the geographical balance of population. It is a fact that in a General Election if the current boundaries remain unchanged, Labour would have a 60 seat advantage over the Conservatives even if they polled the same percentage of the vote. Will Labour allow all the appropriate changes before the next election to let the voters' voice be heard fairly? Would turkeys in the UK vote for Christmas?"


sue said...

Mornin' Doc.
As a prospective Conservative candidate, does the phrase "The National health is safe in our hands" mean anything to you?


DrMoores said...

Quite.. but could it be worse under Labour? If you are interested, I am quite happy to send you a copy of "Computerising the Chinese Army" a report on the National Health (National programme for IT) which I assisted in writing and has rather come true in recent months with one disaster after another.

sue said...

Mmm..quite. Actually it's more of a betrayal if anything. At least one expected it of Thatcher's Government. It's a pity to come to expect it of a "Labour" government too.
I would be delighted to receive a copy of the aforementioned document. Can you email it or do you need a snail mail addy?

DrMoores said...

Not sure if the first comment worked? Send me an email and I will send it to you

Anonymous said...

So we have gerrymandering and labour 'pocket' boroughs? What with selling peerages for cash and 'fixing' constituency boundaries, the 21st Century Labour Party resembles more and more the politicians of the 1800s; so much for progress!