Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spot the Policeman

Only one in 58 police officers is out on patrol at any given time, despite an increase in officer numbers, new Home Office figures show.

Just 2,400 out of a record 143,000 officers in England and Wales are out deterring criminals and reassuring the public - about four per town of 90,000 people - while more than twice as many are back at the police station doing paperwork.

The Home Office said the police had many other important front line duties apart from patrolling.

Ed: "Tough on crime - Tough on the causes of crime." Does that ring any bells?


Anonymous said...

That was about the same in the early and mid-80s (and eversince). I remember my sergeant saying the public would have a fit if they knew there were only several-half a dozen officers covering the area. As an officer you absolutely cannot avoid statement writing, court dates and the rest. One of the worst offenders at court are some (not all) defence solicitors who ask for an officer to be fully bound and at the last moment say they don't want him/her hence the officer has had to be pulled from the shift rota, rearrange his rest days only to be told to go home on the day he arrives which could be Canterbury Crown Court or Maidstone.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the headline I thought it was to be about the plight of the Birchington public. To illustrate my statement I would ask any reader who finds themselves in Birchington to look out for the bobby - for there is one who regularly appears! At the moment of sighting stop - look around - and play "Spot the Parking Warden" It seems that the police officer is only there to 'protect' his colleague during his dangerous mission. I played this game the other day - from my car which was bound up in traffic because there were people illegally parked in the street on both sides of the road. Low and behold the bobby and the warden were standing in a doorway having a good laugh. Lets face it people - the police will not commit resources to anything unless it a) makes money b)shows up positively on their statistics c)offends a powerful minority and finally d)is high profile and cannot be ignored - small time stuff is just ignored! This is the force that we have because we dont do anything about it ... but then again - what can we do?