Friday, March 02, 2007

People Vote "No" - Ladyman Says "Yes"

Britain will be divided into a patchwork of road-pricing zones where drivers will be charged varying rates, under a government plan to make them pay by the mile without tracking them on every road.

Ministers believe that a zonal system would protect drivers’ privacy and deter them from rat-running in residential areas to avoid high charges on main roads. All roads in each zone would be charged at the same rate, regardless of how congested they were.

A driver using empty side streets to visit a shop or take a child to school would pay the same price per mile as those queueing on the high street. Stephen Ladyman, the Roads Minister, gave details of how the system would work in an attempt to address concerns raised by the 1.8 million drivers who signed a petition against road pricing.

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Anonymous said...

This is total garbage. We already pay a small fortune in excise duty and this chump wants working people to cough up even more. I would like the minister to explain the real reason behind this. The fact that the EU wants to bring in road charging partly to justify the money squandered on the tin pot Galileo gps system. I just hope this nonsense is the final straw that breaks nuLabours back.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Just what is it the Mr Ladyman does NOT understand about where he can stick his extra 'Road Charges'.
Even his old mate Mr Blair is against offending the British Motorist any more.
Might even be on TG this Sunday.

Tony said...

Well, thats a bit different to what Tony Blair said in yesterdays Daily Mirror.
Anyway, any suggestions how road congestion is going to be handled in the next decade. Considering that the established order in this country have now realised the dangers of global warming after 17 years of environmental campaining I reckon within five years, now that Steve Ladyman and Ken Livingston has started the dabate.

Ex Old labour said...

Is it not long overdue for the Blairists and shortly the Buggins Brownites to realise that they are seriously annoying the British Electorate. Brothers and sisters, bide your time and use the ballot box to send this bunch packing. Road pricing in any form hits us poor the hardest as does the tax system, leaving the wealthy to cruise up and down the land. Where has good old fashioned Labour gone? Me, I would rather vote for David, than this bunch of misguided PC politicians!

Tony said...

Nice try Gerry, so called ex old Labour! try something original please , But then it still doesn't answer the question over what are we going to do about road traffic congestion and pollution does it.
The centre right in politics have finaly grapsed the threat of global warming at last. Which I suppose is a good thing. So where does the centre right stand on road traffic pollution and congestion. Bearing in mind that the threat to the environment affects us all I doubt if there is much difference in the policies of the main parties. The only difference is some are prepared to nail their colours to the mast and say what they think.

Anonymous said...

Tony, with the Chinese and Indian populations now motoring and quite rightly wanting the good life, our exhaust emissions are inconsequential other than to children living beside motorways and main roads. A recent study of 5000 such youngsters showed marked lung capacity impairment. Why do we have anti-smoking legislation affecting private members clubs and a new campaign on the dangers of passive smoking when the rise in lung complaints is quite clearly connected to poisonous air from the internal combustion engine? Rather than price the poor off the road would not a more sensible policy be to limit vehicles to one car per household and force the car industry to switch cars to electric power or hydrogen?

Tony said...

That does sound like a good idea one car per family unit and perhaps penalised on the second.On the other hand we live in a society where we have relied on inovation to improve our quality for so long, I just hope that the bright ones amongst us can come up with a new invention.