Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nothing to Answer For

Two pieces of good news this week.

The first, that following a police enquiry, Cllr Roger Latchford has been found blameless and free of any stain on his considerable integrity, reinforcing, in the minds of many, the "dirty tricks" allegations against an those who made the complaints in the first place.

In fact, Cllr Latchford appears to have attracted considerable sympathy for his position as the unfortunate victim of a politically-motivated witch hunt and the consequences, in the local elections to come, may be the very opposite of that which the complainants hoped for. None of these have of course, ever read or passed-on an email of dubious humour, provenance or good-taste.

The full story should all be in the Thanet Gazette today but strangely enough, it's not!

The second piece of good news is that the Air Show is back. Not quite as big as before but with the Red Arrows, RAF Falcons, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and more. So a sigh of relief for Thanet's tourism, as the airshow bought in 50,000 people last year and ironically, well done to Cllr Latchford, who has been instrumental, against all the odds, in finding the support required to make the air show happen in 2007.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted that common-sense prevails. What is of serious concern is the way the 'left' use the allegation of racism at the drop of a hat,as a slur to tarnish reputations.

Wasn't there another retired Tory Lt Col in trouble today who has been branded a racist? Such is the fear that stalks the land that even the truth can be branded as 'racist' and Tory Party leaders are so sensitive to such pressures that almost knee-jerk responses now result!

DrMoores said...

What Patrick Mercer said about the army was likely familiar to any soldier but was politically naive in the present racially sensitive climate.

Cllr David Green said...

Before we get carried away into mythology, lets remember what actually happened. AS far as I know,somebody, presumably somebody on Roger's original list of "friends", sent a copy of the offending email to Cllr Nicholson, the Press, the Council, and the Standards board for England.
Cllr Nicholson, quite rightly in my opinion, refered it to the Police to investigate.
So lets be clear, this incident may have been politically motivated, but it was not Party Political.

DrMoores said...

A moral and thoroughly decent sounding chap then this Cllr Nicholson. I'm looking forward to meeting him!!!

Anonymous said...

You must be joking!

Anonymous said...

It shows how desperate Labour must be in Thanet with local councillors bound to lose seats as the public registers its protest against the shambels of our government. VB

tony flaig bignews said...

Seems also that he has nothing to shout about either, all round this was an unfortunate, incidently I cannot find in thanets "independent" gazette the promised article clearing him. perhaps you could expand a bit? How about we all get a butchers at the email in question?

DrMoores said...

Apparently it missed the Gazette deadline, so I assume it will now appear in the Thanet Times or Thanet Extra next week.

Unfortunately if anyone were to pass or reproduce a "humerous" email with even the smallest implication of racism, the whole unhappy chain would start all over.

Best bury such potentially damaging and offensive material with Les Dawson as the product of a bygone age don't you think?

I wonder if "mother in law" jokes will be next..?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, Cllr Green, but if the e-mail has been regarded by the police as in-offensive, couldn't Cllr Nicholson have come to the same conclusion? All we are now seeing in this country is the inevitable consequence of censorship of the worst kind, when no-one will speak freely, candidly and truthfully on any topic remotely connected with race, sexual orientation, religion or gender because of the fear of being branded a racist. We have reached this unhappy state as a result of poor legislation and FEAR of anyone who 'thinks' a comment, article, joke etc is offensive, reporting it to the police. Stalin's KGB, Hitler's Gestapo and Mao's Cadres went to enormous efforts to stifle free speech and criticism, we do it 'voluntarily'. The sight of penitent thought criminals in Peking confessing their crime whilst surrounded by Red Book waving young 'Red Guards'is now mirrored in this country by rapid retractions and cringing apologies by anyone whose words have been construed to be 'racist' whilst surrounded by a baying media pack.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Green tells us his opinion, this shows his opinion is flawed.

Cllr Latchford is not racist, unless you call someone racist who tells 'Irish' jokes, (a certain cllr who represents eastcliffe ward should take note). Lets face it, the middle east is the 'New Black' to use a fashion term, next week it could be obese americans, promiscuous danes, or boring belgians, lets get real and carry on in our diverse, but healthy disrespectful society.

Having known cllr green for some years, I would hazard a guess that his idea of a good time would not be mine!