Sunday, March 11, 2007

The New Monaco of the North

I just noticed that the website counter passed through the quarter million mark as I was out walking the dog. I guess half a million is next but that's rather a long time off I suspect.

Eastcliff Richard, I notice has been the first to take-up my suggestion of running a competition for the best "Thanet" short film on the YouTube video site.

By the looks of it, ECR has been up all night 'dubbing' and produced a tourist guide to Ramsgate which reminds us of the considerable effort required to improve the town, if indeed it is to become the 'New Monaco' in time for the summer's 'Yacht Week' extravaganza.

Sadly, as he is in fact an anonymous character, I don't think he qualifies as a competitition entrant but he makes a very good point for the video medium as something that local government, keen on promoting tourism, should sit-up and take notice of.

Meanwhile, I've been looking at the Foreign Office travel advisory website for my next seaside destination this month. Not quite as many seagulls and hoodies as Ramsgate and a possible risk of being targetted by terrorists, so caution is advised. Quite obviously the FCO researchers have been touring Cliftonville instead! - Remember the tragic story from earlier this month -


Anonymous said...

I remember watching a torist film at school nearly 30 years a go and the film then was about 25 years old, Welcome to Sunny Broadstairs. The local council would commission films back then for each town on 16 mm movie film.

Sue said...

Very good. Bit short of material at the end there which surprises me as there is lots to choose from.
Particularly pertinent given this weeks revelation about Councillors salaries. It has made me wonder what the total outlay in salaries for KCC and TDC councillors might be.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable! Thanks.