Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mayhem at the Marlowe

A masked youth reportedly held a bread knife to the throat of a foreign student and hit another one in the head with a traffic cone during an incident in the street.

Detectives say the Czech youngsters had left the Marlowe Academy in Stirling Way, on Ramsgate's Newington estate, when they became the target of racial abuse.

A group of youths barracked, pushed and shoved them as they headed for the Hare and Hounds pub bus stop on the main Margate Road.

A boy of 12 suffered cuts and bruising when the traffic cone was rammed into his face. Three other Czech boys ran to a nearby newsagents and urged the shopkeeper to call the police.

They were followed by the youths and it was then that one boy was grabbed and had the knife held at his throat. The shopkeeper ran out and shouted at the attackers who ran off.

Any witnesses to the incident, which happened between 5pm and 5.30pm on Monday, March 5, are asked to contact Det Con Clare Walker on 01843 222089.

Ed: It's not hard to understand why the English language training that was once a key part of the local economy is dying a death. If you lived abroad, would you send your child to learn English in Thanet these days? Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

in simple terms, no one in their right mind would send their children to this island...
however im not shocked this happend especially around Newington i wouldn't go there and im a big guy in my 30's...


A public medieval flogging. it was a cure-all for almost all minor crimes. From ruffians to drunkards, to vagrants and thieves, plus such an event would always draw a large crowd. and you never know it might teach the punks some respect.

Anonymous said...

I have to question the wisdom of sending foreign or for that matter any students anywhere near Newington estate, who thought that would of been a good idea, naive or what. Also 'they' want to put a public swimming pool next to it, is that 'wise'? Yes its sad that once we had a thriving industry teaching foreign students English. Our loss is, once again, Canterbury's gain.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago i had a discussion with an Egyptian businessmn who was planning to set up a language school in Libya and wanted to recruit British EFL teachers to work there. He cited the racial abuse and assaults so many Libyans and Egyptians had suffered in recent years in Thanet as being a major reason why so many foreign students are frightened to come here. Our home-grown racist thugs need sorting out.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Our home-grown racist thugs need sorting out.

Who by? Police/TDC/Wards for the Mentally Defficient at the QEQM, or,
our home grown racist thug's Parents?
Newington, should be taken apart, and rebuilt for nice people.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think this story may be somewhat misleading. The Czech students at Marlowe Academy? Could they possibly be the children of Czech nationals that have been granted asylum here? Not that this excuses such behaviour but it does suggest the story is somewhat more involved.

As for the solution. Well the first post would be my choice. a bit of public humiliation goes a long way, but the real root cause is our insane welfare society which encourages the idle and useless to propagate themselves.