Saturday, March 31, 2007

Manston Escape

Don't forget that Kent International Airport is hosting a holiday show, tomorrow, Sunday, to promote the Kent Escapes range of summer holidays for 2007. - You will find the brochure at the bottom of the links section on the sidebar.

The event, which is open to all, takes place from 11am until 4pm.

There will be massive on-the-day discounts, with families able to save up to £200 and couples up to £100 on the cost of visiting Faro, Palma or Alicante.

Thousands of people packed into the terminal during a sunny Sunday afternoon in May last year, and over two days at the end of September, when the airport hosted similar events.

As well as being an excellent family day out, the show will be useful for anyone with questions about the Kent Escapes services available this summer.

Representatives from Kent Escapes and Infratil Airports Europe will be on hand to offer advice and information, and there will be presentations during the course of the afternoon to provide information about this year’s destinations.

There is no admittance fee and free parking will be provided. What’s more, there will be special offers and giveaways - win a holiday and other great prizes.


Anonymous said...

Escape? If only I could and not come back to this blighted miserable Gulag that we have become. Profiling primary school children to identify their criminal propensity is one step away from making them wear arm-bands. Cry 'Freedom'? Will the Tories have the guts to roll back the State's interference into almost every aspect of our lives?

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Anonymous said...

You've never visited Eastern Europe then.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Europe in Warsaw Pact days, no. Its a different Eastern Europe now!

Anonymous said...

What? Empty?

Anonymous said...

All over here, working hard!