Thursday, March 01, 2007

Key Stage 3

The Secondary Schools 2006 Key Stage 3 results are out. You can find them here and it's what you might expect here in Thanet, with appearingly little change to the statistics in some areas which have the highest special needs challenges and attracted some of the nation's most generous educational support.

The results for 2006 show there was overall a slight improvement in the average point score across schools in the county, but a dip in the number of pupils reaching the expected standard in English.

Kent schools achieved an average point score per pupil of 35.3 compared to the national average of 35. The tables have become accepted as an indicator of how well pupils are likely to do when it comes to the GCSE exams.

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Anonymous said...

Thanet's £20m flagship Academy has a long way to go still. The Key Stage 3 results seem very poor and the value added rating does not look hot either. Will it join Blair's other failing City Academies or will it justify the cost?