Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's the Other Bloke's Fault

I watched Dr John Reid blaming Michael Howard - the former Conservative Home Secretary - for the immigration problem, with open-mouthed amazement this morning.

On Sky News, he was busily telling us that ID cards are the solution and that the Conservatives were and are the problem. Earlier this week I was with Professor Ross Anderson from Cambridge, the acknowledged expert on the technology surrounding ID Cards and his opinions in regards to the value of identity cards as a practical solution to identity managment, differ greatly with the Home Secretary. Having campaigned on the same technical platform I have to agree with him.

So, John Reid, is, after ten years, only now clearing up the mess that the Tories left or that's what he would have you think. Immigration, crime, guns, you name it, it's all the other bloke's fault and now he's found out about it, he's putting it right.

All this comes as Councils across the country are facing rising costs to deal with refused asylum seekers who are yet to be deported. Hillingdon Council was the first to admit it was planning a one per cent increase because of the number in the borough.

Does Dr Reid really believe the electorate are that dim? Apparently so.

I'm off to see the Shadow Home Affairs Minister today, so it will be interesting to hear the reaction at Westminster.


Anonymous said...

John Reid was also blaming the best Home Secretary we have had for 20 years on BBC 1 and GMTV. You have to admire the man's spin. He really believes the dictum "tell a lie for long enough and people will believe you". I love the way Reid always appears on morning TV but avoids Snow on Channel 4 and Paxman on BBC2. It was nice to know that all the shambles on illegal immigrants and insecure borders and 7000 foreign prisoners and the largest influx of immigrants to these Islands in such a short period are ALL the fault of an incumbent in the post more than 10 years ago.

Mr Reid is of course blaming the wrong people; the Romans were without doubt responsible. They withdraw the legions back to Rome and this allowed all sorts of Angles and Saxons to come in to commit crimes. Mr Reid should blame them or perhaps accept his Government has spent 10 years in office?

Anonymous said...

Does Dr Reid really believe the electorate are that dim?

Well they got re-elected so I suppose you can understand his faith in the stupidity of the British public.
As I have said before ID cards are a confidence trick. Anyone who works in the field of immigration knows this. If every one in Britain had an ID card tomorrow we would still face the problem of people coming here from Europe with bogus identities. I read somewhere that before the accession Bulgaria corrupt officials were selling citizenship for $300.

Sadly the Tory government did let us down when it foolishly agreed to sign up to the Dublin agreement despite being told it would lead to huge numbers of people coming here to get some of our welfare.
Prior to this most bogus visitors were simply put back on a ferry. Once they realised by uttering the magic asylum word they could stay more or less indefinitely the flood gates opened.
However what Reid neglects to mention is that his government have done nothing (other than the odd amnesty here and there) to tackle the problem. I suspect a large part of this is because many MP's are ex lawyers or have lawyers as their spouses (are you listening Tony?). These people have made a killing out of legal aid for asylum and are reluctant to kill the golden goose.

The only way to tackle the problem is to remove the automatic right to an in country appeal on immigration refusals. Let these people challenge the decision from abroad at their own expense.

However there is still the problem of Europe. You are probably unaware but Europeans have more rights than Brits when it comes to bringing their family members (and I use that term loosely) here.
If you are British and you marry a non European you have to pay for an entry visa. You have to do this overseas. If however you are say Italian, and want to bring your lets say Australian boyfriend to live with you in Britain. No problem, go to the nearest British embassy and get a free visa, more or less no questions asked. How can this be right?

Anonymous said...

Of course the Conservatives were the problem, they kicked out Enoch Powell.

Anonymous said...

How much are they costing the Thanet council tax payer?