Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the Swim

Local people have less than two weeks left to make their views known on the future of swimming pool facilities in Thanet.

So far, nearly 800 people have filled out questionnaires, which were included in the most recent issue of the Council's magazine Thanet Matters, and returned them.

Copies of the surveys are available at Ramsgate Swimming Pool and Hartsdown Leisure Centre and can be sent out on request by calling 01843 577120. The survey can also be filled in online at www.thanet.gov.uk Questionnaires must be returned to the Council by Friday 30 March.

Council officers have also been to Ramsgate Pool and Hartsdown during peak times of the week to encourage people to fill in the questionnaires and send them back.

The questionnaire covers a range of issues, including people's top priorities for public swimming pools, how much they use the current facilities and what would encourage them to make more use of local public pools.

The survey also asks local people to pick one of the following three options for the future of swimming pools in Thanet:

1. Rebuilding or refurbishing the existing pools at Hartsdown
Leisure Centre and Ramsgate Swimming Pool.

2. Rebuilding Ramsgate Swimming Pool adjacent to Ramsgate Sports
Centre and refurbishing Hartsdown Leisure Centre.

3. Developing a new facility at the Marlowe Academy site on the
Euro Kent business park.

Communications and Marketing Manager, Sara Thompson, said: "It's vital that local people have their say on this issue and we want as many residents as possible to fill out the questionnaires and return them.

People don't have long to make their views known now. The consultation runs until Friday 30 March, so time is running out. We'd like to see more than 1,000 questionnaires being returned to us by that date, so if you haven't filled yours out yet, please don't forget to do so, as we want to hear your views on this important subject."

Ed: A direct link to the internet survey is a good idea and here it is. http://www.thanet.gov.uk/files/swimming_pool_2nd_web_input.htm
Please fill it in or you won't get much choice at all!

I get the impression that the centre of gravity is moving off towards Westwood and the Marlowe and people I speak to, at least in the Birchington and Westgate areas don't like the idea of losing Hartsdown at all. All agree that Ramsgate is just too *** difficult to get to via Westwood these days for time poor families.

I will be interested to see if the "official" survey shows says the same opinions but vote if you can.

Photo courtesy of Michael Child


Michael Child said...

There is a fundamental problem here within local government, that is that the powers that be in the council have lost sight of the fact that they are governing leisure towns. In Ramsgate the site of the old marina swimming pool adjacent to the main sands has always been earmarked for the building of a swimming pool, why not use it? With climate change and the consequent likelihood of people holidaying in the UK again, both because it is probably getting warmer and because the cost travelling abroad is set to increase due to ecological taxation. Presumably Margate also would benefit from a swimming pool on the seafront, perhaps as part of the new lido development. There is a sound economic reason for doing this too, which is that people from the rest of East Kent looking to spend a day at the seaside are likely to chose a town where they can swim, regardless of the vagaries of English weather, they have money to spend why not encourage them to spend it in the Thanet towns?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
There is no logic reasoning within the TDC, only a lethargic system of doing nearly everything wrong and getting away with it.
The idea now (TDC please note) would be NOT to build anything else near Westwood Cross or Haine Road, but somewhere more suitable.
For an Olympic Sized indoor Pool, you would need an immense Car Park. The complex could also include an Open Air Pool for summer months.