Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Great Budget Fudget

"Gordon Brown the Chancellor yesterday gave Gordon Brown the future prime minister a platform to call an early election provided he reaches No 10. " - The Times

Ed: I predicted this several weeks ago. If Gordon moves in to No10, then he has to consolidate his rather weak position as quickly as possible and before either the opposition parties strengthen or the electoral boundaries are re-drawn.

Either way, economists agree that the budget was a "smoke and mirrors" trick, leaving everyone - apart from the wealthy - worse off in the end and paying more tax.

No surprises there!


Anonymous said...

The Gord giveth and the Gord taketh away! Another clever con trick. Roll on the client state.

Anonymous said...

The poor will be always with us and a Labour Chancellor just makes sure they are poorer.
A further example of un-joined up Government from New Labour. We have a problem with teenage pregnancies and single parent families. SOLUTION: further incentives through the benefit system for single motherhood!

Anonymous said...

If you pay people to be poor (ie the welfare state) you will never run out of poor people.