Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gone Digital

I appear to have triggered a local digital television war on YouTube, following this months earlier "grabs" from the site and the suggestion that we run our very own "TAFTA" awards for the best and worst local productions.

Digital TV channels are cropping up everywhere and domains like "" are busily being registered. No decent content yet though but I'm looking forward to our own local versions of "How Clean is Your House", "Beano's French Cookery Class", 'Casualty QEQM' and the new soap opera, "Cliftonville Road."

By the way, spotted at Manston this weekend , one chap looking for an enterprising way of earning a living from aviation.


Anonymous said...

Weren't you looking for some-one to clean your plane this time last year? Hope you were quick and have signed him up!

Eastcliff Richard said...

But the best by far is ECR TV, and a lot cheaper than the £800,000 the Tories are proposing to spend on KCC TV!