Friday, March 30, 2007

Feel the Force

Pictured, Britain's answer to the Iranian naval threat in Thanet waters, with thanks to the Margate Historical Society.

One interesting observation being that our naval air power in the Persian Gulf is about equivalent to the Royal Naval Air Service presence in Margate harbour in 1913.


Anonymous said...

HMS Cornwall was unable to get in close to Shat-al-Arab water due to shallow water and a Lynx giving top-cover was re-called. Should boarding craft be exposed without top-cover or had we become complacent about the Iranians trying the same stunt again? I feel sorry for the Navy having to operate without its own air cover and we have our present Government to thank for this. Labour has always enjoyed deploying British forces (Anguilla 1966?) but we should remind our masters that they have a duty to fund and equip them first. The true responsibility for the fiasco the Navy is now embroiled in and the way British 'force' has been shown to be a sham, lies fairly and squarely with Blair and his Government ministers.

Anonymous said...

25 years ago next week the Falkland Islands were invaded by Argentina. Perhaps annon 4:44 could remind me who weakened the isles defences and also withdrew HMS Endurance.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

It's always "anonymouses" who have blog spats" - grow up the pair of you.

Couple of things here:

1. I have no doubt that "gunboat" diplomacy will be revived in a day or two. (That'll teach that tin-pot regime in Asia Minor a lesson or two)

2. Lovely to see proper boats going into Margate harbour. With the right people in TDC and before it Margate B.C. a decent marina could have ben built. Regrettably most local authorities lack people with vision, initiative and sound common sense

Lord Lucan said...

From: Anon of 4.44pm.
Uncalled for comment, Mr Jacobs, but absolutely agree with you about a Margate Marina. Would have cost less than £6 million?
Please remember that some of us poor anon types may have good reasons to remain anon.

For 6.12pm; You might also recall that Ministers resigned over the defence/foreign policy fiasco that gave all the wrong signals to Argentina and if my memory serves me well, the UK wasn't at war at the time. We are now and deficient resources are a disgrace for which no present minister will resign.

Anonymous said...

Yes a marina would have been lovely for the boat owning middle classes trolling down for the weekend while the permanent residents looked on or maybe got a job swabbing decks?
Margate is SOOO convenient for the Continent darling!

DrMoores said...

Well, I've got a kayak.. not sure if it counts as a boat and it won't reach the continent. But if you're sensible, you'll realise that a thriving marina makes money for local residents, with jobs of all kinds, from restaurants to deck swabbing. Look at any continental marina.

As too many of our local residents, bussed to bedsits in Cliftonville by London councils, have no jobs at all - even deck swabbing is an option if it gets them off the streets.

Loadsamoney said...

7:20, are the great unwashed going to generate wealth here? Nope. Bring in the wealth.

Anonymous said...

"The great unwashed"????

Oh dear. What year do you think it is?