Thursday, March 29, 2007

Excess Postage

Has anyone had a note from the Post Office, telling them they have postage to pay on a letter?

Trudge off to Margate post depot then, park, wait for letter. Pay postage and....

It's a flyer from Domino's Pizza!!!

Go direct to Domino's in Margate High Street and ask for postage refund while delivering an angry rebuke.

Which bright spark came up with this idea of posting flyers without stamps, I don't know but I expect, at the very least, a free pizza next time I order one!

I wonder if it was just me or the entire epopulation of Thanet?


Anonymous said...

Having been caught out like this once, I no longer bother to collect. The thing gets sent back to sender and they send it out properly if its important.

Anonymous said...

5p underpayment + £1:00 handling fee.I wonder if this is similar to the banks.

Don't forget Royal Mail have to charge this extra fee in order to be able to give the delivery people a bonus.

Next time the postman damages my fence by climbing over it instead of walking down the foot path, or next time he damages my newly decorated wall with his bike will I be entitled to send Royal Mail a bill excluding costs and handling fee?