Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Dozen Flats Too Many

Now I’m keeping a friendly eye on Westgate, there’s the matter of planning application F/TH/07/0188 for Beach Rise, opposite the Nottingham Castle pub car park.

The owner wishes to change the building into 12 self contained flats and I’m going to object for two reasons. The first, that it’s now, I believe in the newly expanded Conservation Area and the second because there’s no place to park at most times of the day in either Beach Road or the very narrow Beach Rise and possibly twelve more cars would stretch the area beyond breaking point.

In the planning application there is “A public car park within walking distance” and “The level of parking is considered sufficient.”

The suggestion is then that new residents park their cars in the council car park and pay parking fees then. I somehow don’t think that either these or the council would be impressed with such a fine idea. As for sufficient parking elsewhere; the very narrow Boundary Road’s double yellow lines have almost worn out and I’m asking that they be repainted and the Nottingham Castle’s public car park is almost filled to capacity already with the cars of other Beach Rise residents.

I have passed my concern to Councillor Goodwin to pursue and objections need to be in by 21st March. This kind of hare-brained scheme is the kind of application that Thanet residents now have to watch out for more closely than ever before, as accommodation is squeezed in ahead of any common sense assessment of the potential impact by the developer. Mind you, 12 flats is a nice return on investment on one large residential building and one can understand why these applications are made.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with this; far too many flats and not enough space for cars. 12 flats will probably mean nearer 24 cars to be parked.

Anonymous said...

Oh not again, we had this before at Sussex Gardens with Wishtower, and they got their way, despite all the objections. Even with off road parking, owners have vistors and two car families so parking is never adequate, and Beach Road like Sussex Gsrdens already has congestion, as many properties already there do not have off road parking,and with the roads being so narrow what about emergencies fire engines, ambulances coastguards etc?

Anonymous said...

An opportunity to bring in a congestion charging zone in Westgate?

Anonymous said...

Anon Again!
Common Sense in Planning AND the TDC, somehow, don't go together...
just have a look at wEsTWoOD CrOSs.
No planning there!!!
Anyone care to DISagree?

Anonymous said...

9.40pm anon. Sorry for Wishtower read Seatower(typed in haste.)