Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Dog in the Red Coat

I just noticed that the web counter at the bottom of the page is getting very close to the quarter of a million impressions mark. It doesn't seem that long ago that I thought that 10,000 was a good result!

There's been quite a jump in traffic over the last week and I'm wondering, now that I'm in politics, well sort of, whether I have been equally nice to everyone, children and small animals included and of course absolutely 'politically correct' in all my opinions. If not, then you can bet that I'll be reminded of any slips!

My electoral agent for Westgate is pictured above, so if you spot her, do come-up to register your support. And "Yes" I know it's a red coat and either it's a cunning disguise designed to confuse the opposition or they were out of Tory blue at the time.

Remaining with politically correct for a moment, you may recall that after the last election, I put my money on young David Miliband as the man to replace the' Dear Leader', Tony, rather than the dour, unsmiling, finger-nibbling Gordon Brown. I'm not alone in predicting a disaster for Labour in the local elections, Channel 4 News did last night, with a survey of leaders from Labour-run councils across the country. "We're doomed", said one.

No, I think that the disaster will be so truly awful, as everyone gets their chance to vote against the all pervasive political correctness and policy insanity that surrounds us, that Labour will need to think twice about Gordon and young David may yet be the best chance the party has once the charisma of Blair has departed the stage. After all, nobody can argue that the scowling Chancellor has charisma or even vaguely knows what it means.

Young Miliband did slip on a TV interview not so long ago, perhaps revealing his private opinion on the succession. You be the judge!

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Tony said...

Do you by any chance call your dog Tony Blair.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that Buggin's Brown takes over as Milliband is a far more personable guy and poses a greater threat.

stuart said...

Unless people of Thanet are completely oblivious to what is going on around them or they vote locally for what is best for the country then we are surely going to have a change of control at our council.

They really couldn't balls it up anymore. The Labour candidates could do very well by having strong policies on Dreamland, Margate High Street, Arlington and Westwood X.

Michael Child said...

During my various experiences dealing with local councillors and candidates one thing has become abundantly clear, and that is outside of party politics and regardless of how contentious the issue, there are a very few individuals that are prepared to stick their necks out, and try and get what is best for the area or the country. It is very easy to find someone who will drone on about how bad the opposition are and equally easy to find people who are interested in protecting their own backs, to the furtherance of their own political careers. I will personally be giving my vote in both the local and national elections to whoever I think is the most able candidate. The Conservative who will disagree with bad Conservative policy, or the Labour candidate who will stand up against bad Labour policy, getting the most support. Some of today’s problems both locally and nationally are both relatively new and very difficult to solve. If we can’t find a way to deal with international terrorism that is related to fundamentalist religious beliefs we may not even have a world to live in. if we can’t find a way to deal with our own youth problems, we just continue to alienate those who will be the citizens of tomorrow and will bring up the next generation. Most importantly we desperately need politicians, who having engaged in debate are capable of changing their minds for the better. New Labours trump card has been, when it suited them to get to the right of the Tories and I am sore afraid that the hardest lesson for the Tories will be to learn to get to the left of Labour when common sense dictates. One thing that I am finding remarkably difficult is to find out anything much about who is standing in the forthcoming local elections, perhaps it’s just to soon. Despite this the word on the street is that the local elections will result in a hung TDC or should that be hanged, as we are talking more about people here than dead meat.

Anonymous said...

heard a similar argument last night in pub, stuart. TDC under Tories is no better than under Labour. I had hoped to see a rash of Thanetlifers standing without a political party but the good Doc and James Maskell have gone with the Conservatives; what a pity as they might not get in as a result.

DrMoores said...

A good crop of new candidates are standing under the Conservative flag and while I can't speak for them, I would say that given the polarisation of politics in Thanet, the best way of getting new people in, is to have them stand for one major party or another.

Now if you think - or maybe not - that my standing as a councillor is a good thing, running as an independent would more than likely mean that my chances of being elected would be much reduced, the Conservative vote will be split and the Labour candidate will have an increased advantage and win the seat.

Tony said...

Ed, Unless something goes horribly wrong the chances are you will be elected as a Councillor for Westgate. Please remember one thing the electorate voted for you because you are Conservative and that is the only reason they voted for you. On the evening of May 3rd there will a lot of celebration and a lot of new councillors who think they have cracked it, Labour may do badly but I hope not and if they do badly just rememeber we will never go away and cannot be defeated a bit like the IRA. In May 1995 there were only 3 Conservatives elected and that did not destroy your party locally so it wil not destroy the Labour Party. As David Green said some time back, enjoy the moment its great.

Anonymous said...

A bit like the I.R.A.!!!! Narrow-minded, violent, aggressive, unreasonable, power-mad, corrupt, delusional, intimidating, dangerous, ignorant, manipulative, unjust, grasping, gangsters, terrorists.
Either a very poor analogy or a frighteningly accurate one.

Tony Beachcomber said...

You got a point I think I better rephrase that, Perhaps like the poor they will always be with us.