Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Deep Deep

Having heard John Reid blame Michael Howard for all our social ills or at least those at the Home Office, it was quite a coincidence to bump into him today at the lift in Westminster. "It's all your fault Michael", I said,well not quite but there was some suggestion in a second conversation that Mr Reid was so deep in denial that he needs a step ladder if he's to escape from the Home Office!

Actually, I was up in town discussing the thorny problem of ecrime and for anyone interested in agrowing problem. Here's a link to my Silicon.Com column on the subject today. Nothing to do with Thanet but then a local friend had his wife's Tesco credit card scammed recently, so living here is no protection against the attacks of the 'Phishermen'.

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Anonymous said...

A Chinese student friend got involved in an online subscription game called 'World of War Craft' last November and studies began to suffer as time spent playing got out of hand. He even paid real money to get another cyberspace player to play his 'hero' for him for 2 weeks in order to uprate the 'hero' and get him tooled up and equipped. For 6 weeks in the new year my friend stalked the cyberworld of 'World of War Craft' with his now 'super-hero'. In late February he had to return to Hong-Kong for a funeral and did not play for 2 weeks. On his return he discovered his 'hero' had been taken over by person unknown and all power points, skills, weapons etc had been sold off. His super hero had pants only and was now a defenceless wimp! Its bad enough having real crime but now we have cyberspace crime by Games players?