Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cliftonville Murder - Man Charged

The BBC reports that 23-year-old Daniel Mazza, of Clifton Gardens, has been charged with the murder of David Gavin, 26, who was discovered at his home in Athelstan Road, Cliftonville on 14 March.

A woman, 19, and a man, 28, questioned in connection with the incident have both been freed on police bail. Another man was released without charge.

Detectives are still appealing for witnesses to the incident to contact Kent Police or Crimestoppers.


Anonymous said...

Mazza is not a common British surname. Are Kent police being coy about this person? Is he an alien and is he from Albania?

sue said...

Oh puleease!

Anonymous said...

Sue, with 7000 foreign criminals banged up in our jails and East Europeans forming major crime syndicates in this country, we, the plebs, have a right to full information do we not? My previous post is not some xenophobic knee-jerk response ( another strand implied that an Albanian connection may exist in this murder) but a despairing comment on the PC nature of news information from the authorities that deliberately conceals the true picture of what is happening in our area; so save me the "puleease!" it is just the sort of derisory comment that is intended to stifle free speech!

DrMoores said...

I listened with interest to Tony Blair yesterday referrring to the teenage shootings and stabbings in London as coming from a "Specific group" and "Specific culture"

Following the Prime Minister's non-specific description of either perhaps we should simply leave the reasons for the murder as being as yet unspecific and the murderer unspecified?

Anonymous said...

We have also had problems recently with "specific groups" from a "specific culture" intent on self immolation. What would the Python team do today when our own Prime-minister comes up with language like this and out does Palin at al in absurdity.