Friday, March 16, 2007

The Cliftonville Chronicle

Welcome to a new weblog, the "Cliftonville Chronicle."

An entertaining title for an area in the news this week, well every week perhaps and local residents might be forgiven for coming up with altenative titles, like "Crimewatch Cliftonville."

Following this week's murder in Athelstan road - In Margate, according to the media reports - the stark contrast between "Nice" Cliftonville and "Nasty" Cliftonville, is self evident . This remains a priority for local government in its on-going effort to reverse the decline of twenty years of forced DSS migration into bedsits and cheap hotels which finds a small army of teenage mothers, mixing with refugees, abandoned teenagers and individuals that no other local council will accomodate.

There's alot to do and I'll be looking forward to seeing the Cliftonville Chronicle reminding us all of where the urgent priorities are for an area which was once a gem of the British seaside.

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