Friday, March 23, 2007

Bremner's Budget

I thought you might enjoy comedian, Rory Bremner's version of Gordon Brown's budget speech. What's worrying is that he does it rather better than Gordon Brown and the figures are much clearer than they were on Wednesday.

Would you agree?

Watch it here.

Meanwhile, here's a "Nasty" from this week's 'Lyons Report' on Council Tax:

"Pensioners will be asked to sign away their homes to meet their soaring council tax bills, it was claimed yesterday"

The Lyons Inquiry into local government funding has recommended they use equity in their homes to pay council tax. Critics labelled the proposal a new “death tax” as any cash released would have to be re­paid from the sale of the property when the householder dies; an estimated average bill of £64,000 per pensioner per family.

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Anonymous said...

Loved Bremner! Scary stuff from Lyons! Maggies idea of a poll tax ( local income tax) was spot on except for one fatal flaw; ability to pay. We must think in terms of a local income tax that every earning adult pays and based on a fair percentage of income. What depths have we sunk to when pensioners put at risk the house they live in in order to pay coucil tax?