Wednesday, March 07, 2007

All About "Seaside Issues"

The government must do more to improve the economies and quality of life in some of England's most run-down seaside towns, a committee of MPs says.
The Commons local government committee said many coastal communities had poor housing and that influxes of elderly people put pressure on social services.

It called on ministers to end a "policy vacuum" on seaside issues.

The MPs also found that in England as a whole since 1997 there had been a 2.2% increase in claimants of incapacity benefit, special disability allowance or income support. But in seaside towns the rise had been 12%.

In some of the poorest resorts, the MPs added, the economy must develop beyond the low-wage, seasonal tourism trade.

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Tony Beachcomber said...

Thanet District Council has a local plan which is a long term development projection for the next five years which is the ownership of TDC ruling group. Then there is funding through regeneration and SEEDA. Of course government money is always welcome but at the end of the day the buck does stop at local government level. The key players in how Thanet is developed will be the people who will be elected in the May. Lets hope the new arrivals are up to it as the present ruling group seem more occupied emptying the wheelie bins than anything else over the past four years.

Anonymous said...

In despair over the fiasco of the Turner Centre and its ongoing saga, I have come round to the idea that TDC, SEEDA , KCC and Government involvement in Margate's regeneration has been costly and disastrous. Look at The Royal Sea Bathing development for the way private enterprise does it; underground parking, good use of original buildings and an attractive site to walk past or drive past. As you come onto the station roundabout and look ahead you see an eyesore. Let Waterbridge get on and take over the Arlington Arcade and House and develop it how they like in conjunction with Dreamland; at least something will result and will probably make the area more attractive.

Anonymous said...

For the area to thrive economically, people who live here musty have money to spend. This is not likely given the local employers attitude of taking advantage of the dirth in employment opportunities by paying the lowest wage possible and even better employing Eastern Europeans who know nothing about their rights and are happy to work 50 hours a week for a pittance.
Until this issue of crap wages is addressed nationally as well as locally, there is not much hope of
retail businesses being able to thrive. I was at Westwood yeaterday. It is dead. I know the net is having an effect but people like to go out and splurge. Can't do that on minimum wage.