Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Can Never Know Too Much

Why might the government spend £60,000 buying a database of “lifestyle variables”?

The directory breaks down all 1.9 million UK postcodes, using more than 125 demographic statistics within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The core data consists of information about age, marital status, salary, children and home ownership. But also listed are details of private pension plans, charity donations, political membership, illnesses and hobbies.

It is noted who is vegetarian, who has central heating or a conservatory and which newspapers are read.

The Daily Express thinks it knows but I think the rest of us can guess!

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Anonymous said...

So what a surprise! If it is Council Tax related someone needs to make the point that whilst my house may have doubled in value in the past 10 years, so has my Council Tax Bill. When are we going to see the Tory Party expose the whole issue of Council Tax as Labour's continuing class war against the middle classes. As a retired person, my modest terraced house is my home and I gain no material advantage from whatever value the marketplace puts on it. It is a realtive value only and I release no capital advantage unless I emigrate. By the time I finish paying my mortgage, it has actually cost me far more than it is worth. When ,oh when, will we see our Members of Parliament opting for a local tax, added to Income Tax and based on the basic principle of ability to pay. Thatcher's Poll Tax was correct in its thinking that all adults in work should pay a local tax irrespective of housing value but failed to take into account ability to pay; a simple allowance system as in Income Tax means the very poor pay little or none and the very rich pay more. Seems fair to me.