Sunday, February 18, 2007

What's Nice?

If you live at Trove Court or the Arlington, you may escape but living near a bus stop or corner shop and even enjoying "peace and quiet" will lead to a hike in council tax for householders, under Government plans reported today.

The tax on "nice neighbourhoods" is being planned as part of the council tax revaluation, with proposals expected within weeks.

Secret manuals by the Valuation Office Agency, an arm of HM Revenue and Customs, used in the controversial 2005 council tax revaluation in Wales, reveal that many homes near shops and public transport, with pleasant views and in quiet locations were penalised, with higher council tax bills. There are now plans for the same system to be rolled out across England.

So where's "Nice" in Thanet. You tell me or possibly not, just in case "They" are reading this


Anonymous said...

This nonsense has got to be stopped in its tracks! The whole rating system needs to be over-hauled on a basis of ability to pay and not on rateable value/home improvements/nice area or any other ridiculous method that forces the so called middle classes to have to pay extra. There is a whole raft of benefits in place that already means that many living in less salubrious circumstances do not pay the full council tax anyway.
Here is an ideal opportunity for the Conservative opposition to expose the old divisive 'class bound' nature of our present Labour Government and oppose any alteration to council tax on these spurious grounds and make a firm promise to undo such mischief when they return to Government. This nonsense from Labour needs to be highlighted with an anti-campaign as strident as the anti-poll tax campaign orchestrated by Labour in the 80s. The poll tax was regarded quite rightly as unfair on the basis of inability to pay but was fairer in terms of making all adults pay a local tax. Is it beyond the means of any of our political parties to come up with a fair system of local taxation added to income-tax?

Anonymous said...

So...having given this some thought, if a noisy neighbour moves in to the neighbourhood and makes the area less `nice` do we have to apply for a rebate ? This is a minefield and who determines what is or is not a nice area ? Are we penialised because we care about our gardens and keep them nice, or should we neglect the maintenance on our houses in order to get a reduction in council tax ?
The mind boggles ! Work hard, have a pleasant looking semi and you have to pay more than those that couldn't care less ! They will be counting the shrubs in your garden next and charging accordingly for 'extraction of nutrients' from the land your house is built on ! Whoops ! I've probably given them another idea there !!!

Anonymous said...

Presumably MP's, Solicitors, Judges, Accountants, Estate agents,Pop stars, film stars, journalists and financial advisors will pay more then.

Michael Child said...

There is of course one simple answer to the whole taxation issue, which is with the exception of corrective taxation to change peoples habits for the better, i.e. fags, booze and environmental taxes, which could be collected very cheaply and without much chance of evasion, directly from the manufacturer, just have local and national income tax. In bookselling where books are zero rated for VAT, quarterly VAT is a payment of a very small amount, sometimes from and sometimes to the Vat man. One still of course is subjected to periodic 3-day vat inspections, which must cost a small fortune. One of my old boating friends worked for the Inland Revenue, as a social worker for dispirited VAT men and women, and invariably had one of these sad chaps or ladies sitting in the cockpit of his boat drinking some cure, not a happy life. It would be a brave government that tried to apply Parkinson’s Law in reverse however, they could be seen as drinking the wave rather than the water, dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I heartily applaud this wonderful scheme.
As a resident of Harold Rd Cliftonville I have no bus stops, no peace and quiet, no nice neighbourhood.
There is a corner shop up at the Northdown Rd end which is far from me but its now an Internet place full of recent immigrants phoning home or using the net.
I live with noisy criminal neighbours and front gardens full of rubbish.
I think TDC might be paying me every year rather than the other way round.
I could use the money to buy more barbed wire.

Anonymous said...

You might like to know that the establishment I believe you are referring to has this week applied for a license to sell alcohol.
I shall be objecting to it.