Thursday, February 01, 2007

Westgate Drugs Ring Goes Down

icKent reports that eleven cocaine and heroin dealers have been sentenced for peddling drugs across Thanet after a massive police swoop.

Martin Beck, 51, from Westgate, was caught dealing heroin in front of his two daughters, aged 11 and 12. Others dealt wraps of deadly heroin to undercover police officers

Raids, part of Operation Pirate, were also carried out in London in August when 22 dealers were nabbed.

Beck and Derek Murtagh, 34, of Suffolk Avenue, Westgate, traded wraps of heroin for cigarettes with undercover police.

Ed: Suffolk Avenue faces the Canterbury road adjacent to the Ursuline College. A Heroin problem was visible in Westgate. I've removed used needles and a spoon from in front of the St Mildred's Bay toilets and one only had to look at the railway tracks at the station to see the detritus. Now cleaned-up.


Anonymous said...

In my job I find that drug users are very careful in covering up their tracks, especialy if they intend to come back to the same location for a hit on a regular basis. Syringes and spoons are the obvious signs. The less obvious are drink cans ripped in half as they use the concave part of the base like a spoon, Then there are small sqaures of cling film or foil in which the drug is supplied to form the "wrap".Some use the foil to burn, so small pieces of blackened foil could be found on the floor. If the public toilet has a seat check the back for scorch marks and finaly if they realy like the toilet a roll of baco foil will be found hidden in the vicinity.

Anonymous said...

I thought only the likes of George Michael were to be found doing strange things in public toilets. Nice to know that that the rustle in the adjoining cubicle might be a cookery session and not the paperwork.