Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome One and All

Remember the mugging and subsequent tragic death of a 93-year-old woman in Margate? Well apparently she was mugged by a Northern Irish Terrorist, who just happened to be passing!

Colin McCurry, was a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force when he was jailed in May 1995 for 15 years for attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, arson and gun offences.

McCurry served less than four years of the sentence before he was released in April 1999 under the Good Friday Agreement, when terrorist murderers were freed.

He had only been free for just over two weeks from a four-month sentence for possessing drugs and driving while disqualified when he robbed 93-year-old Ethel Pym in Margate.

McCurry was jailed indefinitely on Thursday after admitting manslaughter and robbery. He will not be considered for parole until he has served three years, less eight months spent on remand.

What on earth was Mr McCurry doing living in Margate of all places and do we have any more terrorists, Al Qaeda, the Red Brigade, ETA, or anyone else equally dangerous holidaying in Thanet?


Anonymous said...

Having risked my life with countless others to put away the likes of this character behind bars, I was incensed with the Good Friday agreement. The price paid for such madness was the untimely death of an innocent 93 year old! He should have the unserved part of his 15 years (down to 7 1/2 years in NI) added to his present tariff!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Yet another DRUGS related crime... stealing for a 'fix'. Poor old Lady.
Does anyone know the reasoning behind closing all the Looney Bins
(Lunatic Asylum's). This bloke would have been a splendid inmate.
His days are numbered now tho... the other inmates don't like Child, or helpless old people murderers.
93, may she Rest in Peace.
Whoever says drugs are harmless - is wrong, totally and utterly WRONG!

Anonymous said...

We have had a few in the past, Greek cypriots that were once in enosis led by George Grivas in cyprus, then ex terrorists living in cliftonville that were once conected with Avi Stern in 1940's palestine, I once saw their flag once in a cliftonville hotel but joe public wouldn't recognise it and then in the seventies a Croatian facist a refugee from Tito's Yugoslavia living in Margate.