Friday, February 16, 2007

We Know Who You Are

Watching Channel 4 News this evening and dictator, Kim Jong Il's birthday celebrations, I did wonder who was the more detached from reality, our 'Dear Leader' or theirs?

One lives in a fantasy world of his own making and the other says that the teenage violence we have seen in South London in recent weeks is not a metaphor for contemporary society in this country. Which of the two is the more deluded?

Earlier today I had an interesting demonstration from the people who give us of a new service that can link IP addresses with home location addresses. It's really meant for businesses taking online transactions, so that when a customer calls or tries to buy via a website, the credit card address can be matched against the IP source of the connection.

It's good for fighting fraud but also means that anonymity is now even more difficult on the internet than ever before. Best remember that on any website that captures your IP address!

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget.. that any website can capture your IP, even without you knowing.