Monday, February 19, 2007

TV Phone Scams - "Give Fines to Charity"

Any fines arising from prosecutions for TV phone quiz scams should be given to charity, says North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale.

Speaking in his Kent constituency yesterday, the former TV producer and director said:

"It looks as though ICSTIS will at last take action over concerns that many Members of Parliament have been raising for some time: It has become clear that some phone; in TV quiz competitions, charged at premium rates, are nothing more than a scam and some people have been making a great deal of money out of a gullible and unsuspecting public.

I hope that charges will be brought and exemplary fines imposed upon those responsible. Any money generated, though, should belong to the public because it is the viewer that has paid. It is unrealistic to expect that there is any way in which this money can properly be individually returned to those to whom it rightfully belongs but neither should it be allowed to disappear into a Treasury black hole. I feel very strongly that if fines are to be imposed then monies paid should be handed over to appropriate charities and I hope that this will be taken on board by those implementing any sanctions".


Anonymous said...

About time this TV scam was stopped. Poor late night souls are encouraged to spend money ringing a premium number and it is a lottery to get the chance to even have your call get through to give an answer. You pay for it even if your call is 'unsuccessful'. I noticed the other evening that this type of scam is now on local radio.

Anonymous said...

This sort of scam is actually a lottery where you can ring in and pay for the premium rate and not get through as a 'selected' caller. I was under the impression that this was an offence and yet the same scam has crept on to local radio now.

GMTV's quiz for £10,000 gets round the problem by asking ridiculously easy questions (skill or knowledge requirement thus satisfies the legal aspect) and every correct call goes into the selection.

All a bally waste of time, frankly.