Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trove Court Drug Dealing

One the subject of drugs, Cllr Green has "blogged before about the appalling conditions for the Council's tennents and leaseholders in Trove Court and Kennedy House. Over the past year, the security doors have been out of action in one or other of the blocks for 90% of the time. This leaves the blocks prone to incursions by all sorts of undesirables either just looking to cause mayhem or in search of drug dealing."

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Anonymous said...

I wondered what a tennent was and was relieved to see that it was Cllr Green's spelling error, not yours! I was happy to tip-off the police a few years ago when some pushers in our road had clients and suppliers calling; did no one at Trove Court contact the police with flat address and details? My neighbours are entitled to their privacy until the issue is drugs. Sources tell me that we still have some well known dealers and suppliers walking the streets; for goodness sake, if you have even the slightest piece of information concerning drugs, contact the police as every little snippet builds up to a big picture. There should be no refuge in Thanet for pushers and suppliers.

DrMoores said...

Sorry I should have spell-checked but this way you get a more authentic 'feel' to the story!

Anonymous said...

As far as giving info to the police is concerned my experience is that they aren't intrested. A tenanted property of mine was burgled several days ago, electronic items stolen.
SOCO turned up within an hour, got evidence. Police have yet to attend although I told the call centre on the phone I had a good idea who might have done it. Police call centre tell me I am impatient and to just wait.
meanwhile of course the stolen goods are sold on and the evidence disppears.
As far as Cllr Green and statistics are concerned I don't believe anything he might say since he started quoting the school league table statistics at us and put spin on the Marlowe figures etc.

Anonymous said...

The residents do report pushers to the police. The police, for understandable operational reasons prefer to investigate the chain of supply before they act. This can mean months of misery in the flats as this takes time. In the meantime other pushers are allocated flats and start operating. The cycle is continuous. There also seems to be considerable sub-letting of flats.
It also seems to be policy of TDC to hold the flats empty until the pusher returns from prison.