Monday, February 05, 2007

Too Sick to Police

You might not believe it but Kent police reportedly have 209 officers "too sick" to work full time but still being paid - an estimated £6 million - .

It's not the worst police force, the Metropolitan coming top with 1,774 officers but our own county is still up towards the top of the sick list league table.

I suppose the question I should be asking is "What proportion of the total strength of Kent police does the 209 represent"? It does seem like rather alot and might explain why we don't see as much of them as we would like.

Revealed: The national £243m wage bill for sick police officers


Anonymous said...

This is of course nonsense. Like the armed forces the police recruiting process requires a physical fitness test and medical and fitness training is part of the recruits training programme. In addition the uniformed police is made up of young people (the over generous pension system ensures this. So we have, compared to other workforces, a fit healthy young workforce suffering from high levels of long-term illness? This, statistically, is an anomoly and it needs addressing. The only problem is that the police precept on my Council Tax ensures a steady stream of funding for early retirement and long term sickness. Kent Police needs to do better and lead and manage its officers better.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the stresses the body incurs when tackling a group of 17 year olds, try running with a load of body armour on and see how it effects your knees, your shoulders too. Maybe the mental harshness of the job? A friend of mine in West Sussex attended a house on Christmas day some years a go to find a little girl accidentally hung from a climbing frame. He left the force, never looked at Christmas in the same light and opened a cafe. Must be hell for an office worker who's most physically demanding effort is to perculate a latte mid-morning.

DrMoores said...

All good points. I know three local commercial pilots who were all once in the job with equally harrowing stories to tell.

We need to ask why society doesn't support the police better than it does while at the same understanding that many officers also take unfair advantage of the 'job' and as a consequence place extra pressure on those who continue to cope with a career that is both highly demanding and poorly appreciated by the general public.

Anonymous said...

I should imagine, 10.11pm that you were or are part of the 'thin Blue Vein' and I accept that what you say is valid. However, should we not expect a greater degree of robustness from our Police or does the modern 'bobby' suffer from the modern wimp syndrome? Talking to ex-Met from the days of the London Blitz and what they had to deal with on a daily basis for months on end, made me realise how tough their generation was and all without counselling and post traumatic stress disorder etc! It seems to me that we have all gone just a little soft and the smallest excuse to go sick is prevalent.