Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Taxi Driver Robbed at Knifepoint

AJ writes:

"A bad flying day for Valentine banners? I haven't seen a rain graph on Birchington Weather station like the one showing at moment for ages and ages.

Car off road and had to use taxi this morning. This is the story told by driver.

A Central Cars taxi was directed to collect a customer in Millmead last night. When the driver arrived, shortly after 9pm, two young men climbed into the back with hoodies up and scarves over faces. The driver then had a knife placed against his throat and was warned that if he wanted to live he had better hand over his takings. The shocked driver, wisely did as he was asked and handed over £30 of takings very quickly. The two young men then ran off into the estate.

There has been a spate of armed robberies from taxi drivers in the Medway towns recently but this is the first for a long time in Thanet. I wonder if the new computer technology used by Central Cars and Chauffeur puts drivers more at risk than the old radio system with 'controller' directing matters?"

Ed: You are right. Valentine's Day was a complete washout! Is Millmead becoming a 'No-go' zone? What do other readers think or know about this?


Nethercourt said...

Millmead is not a no-go area. There are a few wrong-uns about, true, but many more good folk.
My guess is that it will police it's-self once the cabbies refuse to pick up there......

Anonymous said...

Heard tonight that victim has been so upset by this that he has had to stop work. A quote reported as being said by one of the assailants to his knife wielding accompliss after getting the money was " cut him anyway as he might have identified us". Nice maniacs on Thanet's streets!

Anonymous said...

Nice type of people you get one the council estates !

Anonymous said...

There is more behind this story! 45 minutes before the taxi-driver was held up at knifepoint, the late night shop in Millmead was robbed by three young men similarly attired and one brandished a knife. Now, one might have thought that the Old Bill would have been in the area after this armed robbery at the shop but they took 25 minutes to respond to the taxi-drivers call for help; i.e. 1 hour and 10 minutes after the original shop robbery. Is this acceptable policing of our patch in Kent; I don't think so. We should expect a faster response to violent crime! Oh, by the way, CCTV in the shop has managed to help our Boys in Blue after the event and it looks as if two of the three have been identified and one looks as if he was one half of the taxi-robbery. The tyke with the knife is still being sought.

Are we suffering from being policed from Canterbury and an alarm call system that goes through Maidstone? A few years ago our boys at Forthill responded to a 'domestic' in my road in 6 minutes!