Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Short Story

Airads should figure on Meridian News tonight and tomorrow - just before 18:30 - for anyone who might be interested in entering a competition draw to win a banner for Valentine's Day.

Thanks to the vagueries of the weather last week, it took three days to set-up the attempt to pick-up the Meridian banner on Friday lunchtime at Rochester, fortunately with a little arobatics I caught it first time and avoided being embrassed on camera.

I'm not sure if you can see the online version streaming from their website if you miss it.

Thursday, if it's not snowing, Invicta FM, have asked if DJ James Hemming of "James and Ali in the Morning" fame can be taken up for a ride, with a banner promoting the show and he'll attempt to broadcast via his mobile phone..I'm not convinced!. I don't think he quite realises what he's in for once we pull out of the dive to pick up his banner which says "www.invictafm.com/myspacejames". I hope he likes extreme roller-coaster rides!


tony flaig bignews said...

Thank god for sky plus I shall be able to watch this again and er

DrMoores said...

I could do with some good video footage and if someone local wins the competition it's alot easier than having to fly somewhere further afield with their prize, so the more the merrier from Thanet is what I say!