Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Save the Reds

If anyone would like to sign yet another petition, this one an attempt to save the RAF Red Arrows display team from the defense cuts, then here's the link to the Downing Street 'petitions' web site.

I have offered to paint my aircraft bright red and fill the gap at the occasional big airshow but it's not quite the same. The United States Navy might have the answer in the picture below. Sponsorship..."Red Arrows sponsored by Tesco" or "Red Arrows sponsored by Durex" perhaps?

The few keep on getting fewer every day under Tony. Just imagine the mess we would be in if the opposition knew how to fly rather than hijack aircraft!


Chris. said...

I used to Parachute Jump with the 'Red Devils' parachute regiment display team, as a civilian in the mid to late eighties.

They used to have sponcership from private companies...back then it was 'colour roll' the paint and wallpaper company..we used to wear the logo on our jump suits.

If its good enough for the Army then the RAF should follow suit.

DrMoores said...

Good for you Chris.. I met the present team at Rochester last August when we were to coincide a jump - them in the Islander - with a banner over Brands Hatch.. trouble is the Corona Beer banner tore apart just after lifting it.. so they the Devils had to go alone!

Anonymous said...

The extaordinary thing is that the average tax-payer does not begrudge the expense of Red Arrow, Red Devils, White Helmets, Military bands etc. They are a way of reminding us all that we do actually have Armed Services and they maintain the link between those services and the people who pay the bill for them; taxpayers!