Monday, February 19, 2007

RSPCA Thanet Animal Centre

The RSPCA East Kent Animal Centre is being built by the Kent, Isle of Thanet Branch to help animals in East Kent by taking in and rehoming hundreds of abandoned, unwanted and mistreated animals. This centre is a major project by a small group of local volunteers and will be built in phases as money becomes available. Phase one is now completed and it will come on line taking its first animals in March 2007.

In future phases, in addition to helping animals, the Centre will also have an education room so that children and local people can come along to learn more about animal welfare.

As well as caring for cats and dogs and other domestic animals, the new East Kent Animal Centre will be involved with the rehabilitation of wildlife, one example is an orphaned hedgehog, which after a period of care from the local RSPCA branches was subsequently released into the wild.

To build such a Centre costs a lot of money. It is vital to the animals in East Kent that all phases of this Centre are completed, but to achieve this we need your support.

Please visit the internet site for more details.


Anonymous said...

No problems with this centre other than could it switch its lights off in car park area at night to reduce light pollution in Woodchurch Road.

Anonymous said...

A nice set up in Woodchurch Road but would be happier to see car park lights switched off at night to reduce awful light pollution emanating from the site!

Anonymous said...

Thats a great picture:-)