Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ring Ring Ring - The Top Ten List of Shame

In case you didn't know already, the official list of telephone call-centre time wasters is:

The top 20 time-wasters:
1. British Gas
2. Sky
3. BT
4. NTL
5. Royal Mail
6. Orange
7. HM Revenue & Customs
8. Npower
9. Lloyds TSB
10. O2
11. Currys
12. AOL
13. NatWest
14. Vodafone
15. Scottish Power
16. Halifax
17. Barclays Bank
18. Virgin Holidays
19. Argos
20. HSBC

I thought Sky might be #1 but must confess to becoming irate over British Gas and their inflated bills. As for Royal Mail and our Gillingham Parcel Force depot, do they ever answer the phone?


Cllr David Green said...

Obviously rubbish, TDC doesnt figure! 5 min 40 sec and 7 min 15 sec yesterday afternoon.
Unfortunately I have to phone in fairly often. Has anyone had to wait longer, or do they just give up?

Anonymous said...

"As for Royal Mail and our Gillingham Parcel Force depot, do they ever answer the phone?"

I have to agree getting through to them takes real perseverance. I am disgusted that Royal Mail moved this service from Canterbury to Gillingham. You either make a long drive to Gillingham or try and get through on a phone which seemingly is rarely answered to arrange a delivery date. What a shambles. I would also like to know (having worked in a Parcel Post Depot) how Parcelforce have the cheek to levy a £13 handling fee. I know what goes on there and it doesn't justify £13 to open a box. Or in most cases for a Customs officer to read a declaration on a box. I don't care for paying the Customs charge, but grudgingly hand over the money. I do however resent paying Parcelforce a handling fee. Should this not be part of the original postage fee?

Mr Friday said...

I got through to TDC in under 2 minutes today. Believe it or not they are not as bad as most Councils out there (in terms of answering the phone anyway).

A more general point is that I sometimes do not mind a longer wait if you get through to someone with a reasonable level of intelligence and willingness to help you. Unfortunately with Argos you get neither which is why I am surprised they are not nearer the top.

Sky take the proverbial though. I think a recount is in order.

Michael Child said...

Communication with TDC is a most strange and peculiar business. Often one finds that one is receiving a reply, which although is a sentence and contains aspects of your original question, neither answers it, nor makes sense in a conventional way. I am coming to the conclusion that this is something arts related, perhaps to do with the turner centre. Salvador Dalí and some of the other surrealists were the first to use the telephone call as an art form, by making surrealist telephone calls to people picked at random, now of course we have machines to do this.

My children pointed out the following url to me http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2007/01/mental-health-hotline.html it really is in rather bad taste, and it may be best not to publish it however tis apposite.

Anonymous said...

I dont mind waiting as long as I'm not paying or if it is 0845; what I really resent is paying for an 0870 call that is surprisingly,answered quickly ,with an automated message with sales spiel, 6 different options and then having to wait for incredibly long times listening to musak whilst my option sits stalled in a queue costing ME money that THEY have a cut of. I now write and refuse to discuss business on my home phone when they ring me.

Anonymous said...

Attn 7.38pm: