Sunday, February 25, 2007


Lots of activity on Margate beach this afternoon but sadly I forgot my camera, never expecting to get up in the air in the first place, after all the rain that fell this morning.

In the end, I found myself sitting beneath an Oasis 747 as it did circuits around Manston and we did circuits between the Quad-biking on Margate beach and Ramsgate harbour.

On the way back I noticed motorcycles racing on the beach too. Margate had a very washed-out look about it but still seemed to have a reasonable number of spectators watching the motor racing activity along the beachfront.

While some people may be against the noise, Margate has not got a huge amount going for it as a winter tourist attraction,so perhaps we should just put up with the disruption for one wet weekend in February?

Many thanks to Dick Osborne for sending in some photos!


Anonymous said...

Yeh, what IS that 747 doing every weekend?

DrMoores said...

Crew training out of Gatwick. I had it closing on my rear end twice yesterday afternoon, coming and going from the Manston runway.

worm said...

Yes, what a pain they are. Round and round. They came directly over my flat about a dozen times on Sunday, showering pollution all over the Island.
How high do you think they are? On the other hand,your lovely little plane is a pleasure to see.
I don't mind sniffing your exhaust at all!