Saturday, February 17, 2007

Police Stop Half Term Clash

Or regular reporter AJ writes:

"Whilst driving along Marine Terrace yesterday (Friday 16th) at a 4:45pm, I saw most of our Thanet police and police cars busy from The Flamingo down to Arlington Arcade. There seemed to be a large number of youths in clusters with Police Officers questioning and searching quite a number of them. I heard from a taxi-driver this morning that according to 'street gossip', a 'gang' from Ramsgate had come over to mix it with a 'gang' in Margate. A sad way for some of our youth to spend their half-term!"

Ed: Does anyone else know more about this? As a boy I can remember sitting on the cliffs at Westbrook with a pair of binoculars pointed at Margate beach, as a huge battle between "Mods" and "Rockers" erupted over the golden sands. Times have been worse we can remind ourselves!


Anonymous said...

anon again!

I was a 'MOD'! I wonder where they all are today? If I remember correctly, the main troubles peaked in 1964-66. After that, it was 'Skinheads' who were the troublemakers. I couldn't bring myself to be connected with those nutters so moved abroad.
Skinheads were comparable to todays 'Chavs'.

Anonymous said...

Ed, they don't call themselves gangs anymore, they like to be known as crews.e.g NHM crew (ramsgate)or TMS crew (margate). They don't call it fighting they refer to it as "weighing in". Any way they are all big woossies compared to the razor and teddy boy gangs of the fifties.

Finaly, I can remember in the 1980s when someone was wearing a red on white 1% badge in the Good Intent, Margate. For anybody who does not know this is the insignia of the Hells Angels and worn by the meanest of the mean. A group of Windsor chapter hells angels came all the way down here to make the person remove it, assisted with a sawn off shotgun. So to me a few chavs posing in front of their girlfreinds on Margate weafront are nothing more than a bunch of woossies.

Anonymous said...

It appears the Newington Hill Massive (NHM) came by bus,van and train to weigh in with True Margate Soldiers(TMS). Rumour has it that Taks (the boxer) younger bruv was set apon in Northdown Road with 4 lads jumping out of van earlier in the afternoon as a statrter. Police were onto NHM lads quite quickly and police had to be called in from Dover and Ashford as running skirmishes ocurred between police and 'crews' along seafront and even up to Cecil Square.

Anonymous said...

There was an episode of "steaming" in Margate High Street.
A gang of about 40 yobs running throught the street happy slapping passers-by.
They were cornered in Woolies, the customers were hurried out the back way and the yobs nicked as they came out the front.