Thursday, February 08, 2007

PMs meeting with Starlet - Parliamentary Question

A parliamentary question for written answer has been tabled this (Thursday) morning asking the Prime Minister to clarify discussions held during a meeting following PMs Question Time yesterday.

In the question Roger Gale (Con. N. Thanet) asks:

If, during his meeting with the most recent winner of the Channel 4 Big Brother House series he discussed with her the application and enforcement of the statutory minimum wage in India".

Commenting on the background to his question Roger Gale says:

"As the Prime Minister and other very Senior Ministers did not see fit to meet with pensioners lobbying in Parliament Square yesterday but nevertheless found time to give a personal audience to a Bollywood starlet it seems reasonable to suppose that they had something very important to discuss. That being so I think that we, and the pensioners, have a right to know what that something was and it is possible that the minimum wage question may have required clarification.

As a number of the rules of access to and use of the facilities of the House appear to have been flouted we have to assume that there was a very special reason for the granting of these very special privileges."

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Ex-Labour said...

Roger Gale may be Tory but on the issue of pensions he has more of a heart for the opressed and defrauded than this so called LABOUR Government. This issue has been supported by that fine old socialist Tony Benn from the start and it is interesting to see Roger Gale in the same camp with him. If our pathetic Prime Minister would rather pander over tea to a Bollywood starlet as a publicity stunt,rather than address the problem of thousands of working class people robbed of their pensions gathered outside Parliament then it behoves the 600 plus other Members of 'our' Parliament to get off their fatcat backsides and do something about it. It is Parliament that is supreme in the governance of this country not the government of the day; for God's sake MPs rectify this outrageous pensions situation; after all Brown has been siphoning off £5,000,000,000 per year out of our savings and pensions funds for the past 10 years.