Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pilgrim Fathers Delayed

If you couldn't see a problem coming, then here's the news from Kent Online:

"Direct flights between Kent and the United States, due to take off in May, appeared to be in doubt today.

The shock emerged last night after high level members of Kent County Council reluctantly turned down a request for financial guarantees from the travel firms planning the new service.

It is understood that not enough people had booked seats on the weekly flights between Kent International Airport at Manston and Norfolk International Airport, Virginia, to make the service viable."

KCC, already scarred by the collapse of EUjet nearly two years ago and the loss of £100,000, is likely to lose another six-figure sum already invested in the ill-fated project."

Ed: Funny.. I knew that by simply asking my friends at the airport!

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Anonymous said...

When are TDC and KCC going to realise that it is not their function to subsidise in any way, private aviation enterprises? Leave those who know the business to risk their capital. If Manston has a viable future as Kent International, serious players will come to Manston in due course.