Thursday, February 15, 2007

Phone Mast Hearing

For anyone who might wish to attend or voice their objection, there is a planning application meeting to address the matter of the 15 metre phone mast that is planned to be raised opposite the Ursuline College in Westgate.

This will take place at 7pm on 21st February at TDC offices, Cecil Square.

If you wish to speak, please register no later than noon the previous day with Eileen Richford, the democratic services officer.


Anonymous said...

the letter I have had from TDC states that only one person may speak against the proposal. Is Head of Ursuline going to lead on this or would it help if everyone who objected writes in for chance to speak; only problem is that it is a first come first served situation! I also believe that relevant Ward Cllr/s can also address the meeting if they feel anti! Have they been lobbied and are they prepared to attend and speak against?

earwigger said...

to anon 4 27 re phone masts
it would be amazing if any of the westgate ward cllrs got up at council and spoke for the people that elected them on this and any other matter.over the past FOUR YEARS they have remained silent on everything else!!!
If i have a concern locally i contact our excellent residents association ,which does its upmost best to assist and always answers any correspondence,which can't be said of our cllrs.

Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it! That said the last time I thought it would be a good idea to get a ward Cllr involved in an issue and address the planning meeting, it proved disastrous! I was utterly unimpressed with not only that Cllr but the whole Planning Committee that had quite clearly made up its mind in advance of any addresses made to it. They were exceedingly arrogant and as a prole off the street my views were clearly valueless as they all knew better. It's a process to make us common people feel we are involved and have a say but its just lip-service. I came away that evening fully understanding how £7million could be wasted on a Turner Centre!