Monday, February 12, 2007

Never Too Old for Thanet Muggers

A 93-year-old lady was robbed when a mugger snatched her handbag as she walked through St Lawrence graveyard in Ramsgate.

The robber had been standing on the churchyard path and struck as the pensioner walked past.

He ran off towards Manston Road and turned left out of the churchyard. His victim was left shocked but unhurt.

Police are seeking witnesses to the incident that happened at about 1.45pm on Thursday, February 8.

The robber is white, thought to be aged between 25-27, and around 5ft 8in-5ft 10in tall. He had dark hair and was thin, pale and gaunt. He had a dishevelled and unkempt appearance.

Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Kim Clemo at Margate police station on 01843 222062.


Anonymous said...

This guy's description looks as if he is a desperate addict. I wonder if he would otherwise have attacked a 93 old widow? She is a victim of society's inability to sort out its drug problem; would he have robbed her if he could get his fix for free from his GP?

Nethercourt said...

Hmm.... undoubtedly our fault....?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.19, yes probably he would have done it anyway.
Nethercourt 7.40, yes it is our fault as we don't get these people off the street and safely into jail long term where they belong.
I am a supporter of the 3 strike policy which you are probably aware of in some other countries like parts of Australia and US, be convicted of 3 crimes and you stay in prison and are thus a burden financially to society but not a threat to it.
Yes we need more jails, harsher judges, more police etc.
I don't like it but believe its neccessary.