Friday, February 16, 2007

Laura Says "No" 2 ID cards

South Thanet's Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Laura Sandys has launched a petition against ID cards and calls for the Government to use the money to put more bobbies on the beat. Sign up to the petition here.

“ID cards could cost up to £20 billion to establish – with that sort of money we could have a policeman on the beat in every street in Britain,” said Laura. “At the same time as this Government is planning to spend billons on an ID card system, 189 Police Community Support Officers are being cut across Kent.”

“We will all have to go off to Dover – at our own expense - to get our fingerprints taken and then get charged £93 for a passport / ID package for the privilege”

“Never have we faced so much personal surveillance by a Government – and there is more on the way,” said Laura Sandys as she launched her petition against ID cards in South Thanet. Adding her support to David Cameron’s new campaign against Labour’s plans for ID, she is very concerned that Government’s increased use of technology will start to severely undermine our freedoms, and centralise information about every detail of our personal lives.

“We are moving into a world that spends more time monitoring the law-abiding citizen and less investment in catching criminals”. Said Laura. “ID cards; road pricing; centralised health records, all run on insecure and unstable computer systems, and are recipes for disaster.”

Campaigning against ID cards Laura highlights that the Labour Government plans for ID cards include:

• Every citizen will fingerprinted and interviewed, and forced to travel at their own expense to a regional centre. The nearest centre to Thanet is in Dover.

• Each person will have to pay at least £93 for a combined ID card and passport package.

• If the card is lost or stolen, the replacement fee will be at least £30. If you get married and change your name, you will have to pay for a new card as well.

Laura adds:

“ID cards are a bad idea. They will do nothing to improve the safety of our citizens. They are not the answer to the threat of terrorism, to benefit fraud, illegal immigration, human trafficking or to identity theft. They are a waste of money, and a Conservative Government will abolish them.

“The Labour Government’s plans are to make ID Cards compulsory for everyone, and force people to pay to be fingerprinted by the State. Instead of these intrusive, expensive and ineffective ID Cards, the money should be spent on more worthwhile projects to cut crime - such as a dedicated UK Border Police, more prison spaces and increasing the number of residential drug rehabilitation places.”

Ed: I realise this is a bit of a "party political" but given the last couple of posts on crime and immigration, I'd be interested to know whether public opinion leans towards the Conservative or Labour view on such matters and how they are best tackled.

Me, I'm against ID Cards because I know they can't work as promised, rather like "chip & pin" cards and will be cloned by criminals just as fast as they are manufactured at our expense by government. They aren't a silver bullet and will simply "prove" that honest people are who they say they are, while leaving a large question mark over the criminals who will buy them on the blackmarket and then use their "strong" identity validation to gain entitlement to a host of other benefits.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the "save the pound" petition in the run up to the 2001 general election. Well at least it reduces Conservative candidates to single issue candidates again, Steve Ladyman will be pleased.

Anonymous said...

Let us consider the success of the ID system for motor vehicles. The whole process of logbook, serial numbers, insurance and MOT all being linked by DVLA/Police computer systems still allows 2,000,000 cars to be on the road illegally. There are cameras on every main exit from Thanet automatically reading a fair proportion of such vehicle's number plates. So why is it that 2 million cars are still able to drive around on our roads? The answer is simple; a lack of police numbers to police the law and because the police are concentrating on politically driven policing targets set by the Home Office and the fact that the penalties are less than paying for 1 years insurance. So our candidate for Thanet South is quite correct in the assumption that ID cards for people will be equally useless and very costly to the law abiding majority whilst the scroats circumvent the system.

Anonymous said...

The second post makes an excellent point. I have one of the ANPR cameras near to where I live but the people with no road tax can easily bypass this. Thereby making a nonsense of the whole system.
As for id cards I would like the government to explain to me how this will work.
European citizens can come here using passports or identity cards. The older Italian identity card is a bit of folded paper with a photo stapled to it. It is absolute rubbish but we have to accept this as evidence of the persons identity/nationality. It is one of the most frequently encountered forged documents. The greek id card if anything is even worse. These people will not be obliged to obtain an identity card and how many bogus bank etc. have been opened using these documents?

The governments other joke proposal is to tighten exit controls. Embarkation controls were reduced under the tories and abolished by Labour. Now they claim they will reintroduce exit controls, but don't hold your breath because it will be 2012 or 2014 before it comes in. Oh and don't think it will be experienced immigration officers checking on people leaving. It will be carried out by the carriers under the proposed E borders scheme.
The present government is well past it's sell by date, yet they continue to bluster and lie about what they have done to improve our security. The truth is they equate saying something to actually doing it and rely on the fact that the public has the memory fo a fruit fly so they tend to forget yesterdays news.

Ewen Cameron said...

I've yet to hear any authoratitive argument as to what benefits these cards will, or even could, produce. The majority of intelligence and security experts seem to think it will be roughly nil.
By way of example, the 9/11 and 7/7 bombers were all legally staying where they were, had no criminal or terrorist histories known to the authorities, and none tried to use fake identities.
What these cards WILL produce, apart from a disgraceful invasion of personal privacy, and a waste of money on an epic scale, is yet more unproductive jobs on the public sector on top of the 650,000 added (at our expense) since 1997, and a major step forward for those wishing to advance a central-control State.
Mind you, they will make it easier for us to prove our ID's to Council Tax inspectors when they come to undertake compulsory examinations of our homes, in case a fresh coat of paint on the rabbit hutch justifies a revaluation.
Please remember, Big Gordon is watching you....

Michael Child said...

The single-issue comment made me chuckle a bit so I thought I would comment on both issues. I have been, as some of you may know, discussing some political issues recently, I don’t support any particular political party. With 4 children and a shop to look after I find it fairly difficult to get out to meet politicians, when I heard there was a new one in town I contacted her to see if she was interested in any of the issues that interest me. In most cases with this sort of thing one is lucky to get even a belated reply so I was understandably surprised to find Laura, in a very short space of time, sitting in my living room discussing the issues in question with me. I have developed, over the years, a posteriori judgment about Conservative’s and politicians in general. The lady in question surprised me into making a priori judgment of her. If you care to look into the matter as you may also wish to do, and as I was surprised into doing, you may come to agree with me that whatever she is or isn’t, single-issue candidate, doesn’t come anywhere near it by a mile. As I say to the older children “look it up”, you however could do worse by starting with an article this lady wrote just before the recent war. I am beginning to get a feeling, that as we may get her as our next MP, particularly if she continues to discuss issues with her constituents, (People tell me that some politicians find me to be a difficult person who raises difficult issues, some of them are a bit inclined to duck in my presence, I don’t think this one is going to duck.) we had better look her up, even her families political ties with this area predate the present political structure. On the issue of identity cards, I am embarrassed to say that I am too ill informed to make a sensible judgment about their introduction on moral or political grounds. However on scientific and technical grounds, the type of card and its supporting technology that the government wishes to introduce appears have fundamental flaws, not fit for purpose, therefore a waste of money.

As some children are interested in this, and read this before I posted it they asked me to explain two of the words, as children do.
Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysic by Immanuel Kant says that.
A priori judgment is based upon reason alone, independently of all sensory experience, and therefore appled with strict universality. A posteriori judgment, on the other hand, must be based upon experience and is consequently limited and uncertain in its application to specific cases.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not having one. I would rather emigrate, as I have seriously considered recently, than have any further invasion of my privacy by ANY government. If everyone refuses to 'register' then the system will collapse. Of course, there are always those that will need to have their foreign holidays and won't, on principle, forego these. They will need a passport, so will HAVE no choice but to enrol in this national register. Where does the average pensioner get the £93.00 from ? Or the single parent family or those on a limited income ?
As for the petition, I don't think it will have any more influence than any other petition being ignored by Blair. Will the Conservatives undertake to scrap the I.D. cards the minute they are in office ? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

If I remember Ghandi led a very successful campaign in S Africa in the early 1900s concerning ID cards. Passive disobedience is perhaps called for in respect of ID cards.

This Govt distracts us with the argument that the present bunch of islamic terrorists are "the greatest threat to our security" and "a greater threat than Nazi Germany" to justify its misguided war in Iraq and to enthrall the British people with ID cards. Any historian will tell you that this is absolute "tosh". In terms of collateral damage, civilian and security force casualties, the IRA, only a few years ago posed a greater threat. Have we forgotten how they almost succeeeded in killing our Primeminister and many members of her Government? The London Bombings of July 7th 2005, whilst awful for the innocent victims, is quite frankly, small stuff in the great scheme of things.

This dreadful threat? Look at the bungling incompetence(thank God) of the present bunch on trial and lets be aware that British subjects are being arrested, held for long periods before charging or release. Some of these victims of the State's new and unprecedented powers are rotting on remand for the crime of ' knowing of an alledged terrorist plot' that has not even been proved before the courts; this includes a wife and mother of an 18 month old baby. This is a desperate state of affairs in terms of the traditional rights we all used to have as British subjects. Why, one asks, has the present British Government released terrorists who were convicted murderers,under a Good Friday Agreement and now locks up its citizens for the flimsiest of reasons. We have unlawful citizens shooting, speeding and drink driving every year who are responsible for the killing and maimimg of hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians every year. Keep the terrorism we are experiencing at the moment in perspective.

Orwell in "1984" with the constant war against
"Eaurasia" or "Oceania" highlighted how a repressive Government uses war to justify its control of its citizens and to distract them from the real issues. Our forbears fought hard for the rights we used to have in Great Britain and now our Parliament is allowing this Government to remove them.
When Commissioner Cressida-Smith (Met) is seen on TV talking about the dreadful shootings in S. London, how many of you remembered the name and that she was in operational control when our police summarily executed an innocent man in the hysteria following the London Bombings? Or were you, like Orwell's proles, more interested in humming inane ditties from the Britpop Awards?

stuart said...

This stupid idea was originally a tory one. Now the tories are using it as a piece of party political.

Therefore it cant be a vote winner/loser for either party.