Friday, February 23, 2007

Jobs for the Boys?

Almost two years ago, I contributed to a report, "Computerising the Chinese Army" which predicted that the government's National Programme for IT, NPfIT, its health service strategy, was unworkable in key areas of design an delivery. It wasn't just me, it involved both medical and IT professionals, who pointed out the more glaring problems but the report was ignored and its predictions were proved correct at the end of last year.

Now I read that Lord Warner, the former minister in charge of the crisis-hit £20 billion project is at the centre of a "cronyism" row after landing a £30,000-a-year job for working just one and a half days a week.

In his new role as chair of the NHS London's provider agency, the former Health Minister will oversee the performance and management of trusts in the capital.

Now to me, it seems obscene that in a week where "community charge" rises will hurt already pressed working people and pensioners, the man who has clearly shown he is not up to the job of running one agency, is going to be paid very well for attempting to run a second -part time.

Is this another scandal or does Lord Warner deserve such a plum appointment?

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Anonymous said...

Its just another Labour snout in the trough filled by robbibg the working man of his pension; Labour fat cats are a more obscene sight than Tory fat cats.