Thursday, February 15, 2007

Guns 'n' Roses

You may recall me writing a brief note about guns and gangs a few months ago, after chairing the “Tackling Organised Crime” congress in London. The deputy commissioner, who was on the news today, was there too with senior police officers from across the land, agreeing that gang crime was now out of control.

Another problem today is that the gangs in the big cities now often outgun the police and the former, quite sensibly, have no great wish to 'engage' and try and fight it out with the gangs on estates with nicknames like ‘Baghdad’. Trouble is that with more and more powerful firearms now making their way into the so-called ‘communities’ the spectre of a Mogadishu-like scenario, where parts of town become armed and lawless, is a problem that the politicians are shying away from.

Guns and rap not ‘Guns 'n' Roses’ is the problem that needs to be overcome and the fact that being a juvenile, makes a kid with a Glock 17 and a bad attitude, almost impervious to the gun crime legislation designed for adults.

We now have thousands of gang members across our major cities, steeped in a culture of crime, drugs and violence. It’s growing. The police can’t cope with the resources they have available and the political and multi-cultural restraints that prevent sensible and objective exploration of the causes.
When I was living in London, in Southfields at the bottom of my road, one day, a white van driver upset a young man in a silver BMW. The driver, pulled out a pistol and emptied an entire clip at the delivery man but fortunately missed. He sped off, never to be seen again.

Makes me think how lucky we are to be living in Thanet!

Perhaps the record companies could set a small example by switching off the rap music at source? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Not sure its about the Rap music. Society thought it was going down the plughole with the introduction of Jazz (20s), Swing (40s), Rock 'n'Roll (50s-60s), Punk (70s). The bank holiday punch ups on Margate sands, Brighton, Yarmouth in the 60s between mods and rockers was hugely exaggerated and often stage set by the press yet most people were aghast at what they read in the Daily Express. Most kids are quite sensible, though of course can get up to all sorts due to a huge surge of hormones in the blood stream. There are of course more illegal weapons now with the recent wars in south eastern Europe, likes of the Balkans and now the Middle East and I think there may have been more incidence of gun crime after WW2 in the 50s with the number of guns bought home from Europe. Whatever, it's a small proportion but one to keep a check on.

Anonymous said...

Dr Moores, have you played in the past few years any violent Computer games? We have a generation of youngsters who have been sitting at consoles for the past 10 years playing seriously viscious and nasty games and have done nothing about it. Those 6 year olds have become older teenagers with access to REAL weapons and now behave in a way that they have learned from their sad cyber world. You blast someone away in cyber space and in the real world without a thought anymore. Scary stuff!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Simon, I think this a South London phenomena.

(Gave your Blog a plug at last night)

Anonymous said...

What I fink is that Glocks is well cool and that the geezer who couldn't hit the delivery man with a whole clip neds to practse like loads more if he is to be a wellbad gangsta.

Nethercourt said...

What! And deny a large? part of the 'community' the right to their heritage!! You'll be into persecuting 'ganja?' and shutting down crack houses next.....
Better to spend the taxpayers money on turning the local council workers into secret agents and stop all those vicious fag smokers from making it impossible for a pregnant lass to enjoy a gallon of lager now and again.....

Anonymous said...

The post Dunblane fiasco and a generation of mums who have a PC attitude of no violent toys like guns for boys has led us to the sorry state where illegally held guns are 300% up on 10 years ago and being used by youngsters on youngsters. Here's a radical non PC thought; re-establish licenced gun clubs and allow previous enthusiasts and sportsmen and women to legally follow their interest. Open up such clubs to young men from S London, Manchester etc and let them fire weapons correctly, safely and competitively at cardboard rather than getting their kicks shooting at each other. If the marksmanship is improved innocent passers by are likely to be safer if the hoodlums know how to shoot straight.

Anonymous said...

I don't much care if this is politically correct or not. If the kids that die are members of gangs, have been involved with drugs or guns, then let them kill each other. Who cares, just another scumbag off the streets. As for innocent bystanders who get caught in the crossfire, once the scumbag is caught, jail him for life, no parole, no maximum term. Prison should be for this scum and should not be the easy ride that it is. Never mind pandering to the 'misunderstood youth' - lock them up and throw away the key. In the meantime, if they want to kill each other then Hey ! I'm not stopping them !

Anonymous said...

Well I can't say I am in favour of allowing gang members to become licensed gun holders. Though I have to agree with the previous post regarding low lifes killing each other. The fact that they are cleaning up the gene pool seems laudable to me!
As for the rise in gun crime and the large numbers of illegal guns seemingly now available. The gun owning lobby all to often link this to the banning of legally held handguns. I was against the banning of handguns, but I think if you are going to point the finger of blame it should be directed at the open borders we now "enjoy."
Thanks to the EU and freedom of movement it is much more difficult for HM Revenue and Customs to police our borders. Added to this we have the new member countries like Lithuania, Latvia and Romania where ex military guns are far more widely available.

Cllr David Green said...

Gun deaths down from 77 to 49.
That is the bottom line in the latest annual figures for England and Wales. Things are better not worse - mainly because Labour banned handguns in 1997 - before that there were 358 gun deaths a year in the UK. The latest shooting spree is a statistical anomoly. Cameron is a disgusting liar when he claims youth anarchy - of course he is supported by the faithful Tory press feeding us a daily diet of doom and gloom. Don't believe the hype!

London's homicide rate is a third of New York and we are safer than New Zealand when it comes to gun deaths. This country is predominantly one of the safest places to walk the streets and London is one of the safest cities.

DrMoores said...

A few observations here from the official figures:

1998/99: 49
1999/00: 62
2000/01: 73
2001/02: 97
2002/03: 81
Source: Home Office

Since guns were removed from licensed owners, suicides from firearms have reduced but violent attacks using firearms have increased.

Guns were used in 4,120 robberies last year - a 10% jump - including a 9% rise to 1,439 in the number of street robberies where guns were used.

There was also a rapid and unexplained increase in the number of times householders were confronted in their own homes by armed criminals. Residential firearms robberies show a 46% leap, a record 645 cases in England and Wales - up 204 on the previous year and four times the level recorded in 2000-01.

Anonymous said...

Love to know which beach Cllr Green buries his head in the sand. Labour banning handguns meant that lawfully owned handguns were taken away from lawful owners. Someone forgot to tell the robbers and so they carried on! Non existant border controls, together with Labour's non existant crime policy means that guns can be gotten, and carried with little fear of punishment.

If you want to stop gun crime it's easy. Instead of a stupid 5 year minimum for carrying a gun, make it a minimum 20 years! After all they are not going to a club to shoot, are they. Anyone using a gun in an offence, then give them a minimum 30 years! They would think twice then.

Before we get the Labour bleat that the jails are full, here's a fact. If you make the sentences harsh, then less people take the risk of getting caught!!

But lets not get too hopeful, as after 10 years in power, Labour will still manage to blame anybody else for the mess this country is now in!

Anonymous said...

You are well aware Cllr Green, that availibility of illegal fire-arms has never been greater and that there are more armed police response teams cruising our streets than ever before.

I personally don't mind how people commit suicide: the great proportion of the fire-arm fatalities you cite above,( 358 prior to 1997), were suicides and accidental deaths and you are being deliberately misleading with the data. What you cannot deny is that there are now almost 20 incidents every day where criminals are sticking guns in the faces of innocent members of the community. The fact that our police now wear 'flak jackets' as part of their uniform is a far more convincing argument about the number of 'armed criminals' on our streets under your Labour Government that stated "Tough on crime etc".